Dr. Joseph Mancini Jr., Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr., CCHt
"Joe's work was absolutely amazing. He has a gift I have rarely experienced among healers. I did a group session with him that flooded me with insights about my life, which I experienced in that moment in a new way. He opened the group up in an environment that felt safe, wise and intimate."
- A.K., Consultant     
Hypnosis facilitates connection to the
subconscious and to the SuperConscious mind,
the deep source of vast creativity and talent,
accurate intuition and profound wisdom.
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Thank you for visiting today. Here you can learn about hypnotherapy; explore services offered, including upcoming workshops and events; read related articles, Joe's blog, and client testimonials; and meet Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr. Click the orange links above to get started.

Current Events

Come Join Us For:

  • Explorations in Consciousness: The Monthy Circle: Saturday Afternoons: Next Set: January 10, February 7, March 7, 2015
  • A Group Past Life Regression Workshop: To Be Announced: Usually a Saturday Afternoon or a Thursday Evening
  • Crystal Skull Readings: By Appointment During The Week
  • The Radical Wisdom of the Heart: An Introduction: To Be Announced
  • Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: To Be Announced
  • Spiritual Journeying and Healing with Crystal Skulls: To Be Announced
  • Past-Life Regression and Shamanic Journeying: To Be Announced
  • Hypnosis, the Writer & the Writing: To Be Announced
  • Explorations in Consciousness: A Day-Long Workshop on Dreams: To Be Announced
  • Explorations in Consciousness: A Day-long Workshop on the Chakras: To Be Announced
  • Explorations in Consciousness: A Day-Long Workshop on Psychic Protection: To Be Announced
  • Divining the Soul: Divination Techniques from Various Traditions: To Be Announced
  • HypnoDrama: A Day of Improvisational Fun!: To Be Announced
  • Past Life Regression With Your Angels: To Be Announced
Please see the Workshops and Events section for details.

Check out the new sessions of the Explorations in Consciousness Circle that meets once a month from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. on a Saturday afternoon at my home office in Frederick, Maryland: January 10, February 7, March 7.

I am giving half-hour Crystal Skull Readings at The Owl Nest in downtown Frederick, Maryland twice a month on the weekend. Check their calendar at www.theowlnestonline.com.

I am also giving more comprehensive, hour-long Crystal Skull Readings at my home office in Frederick, MD. Fee is $125.00. Call me at 301 526 2043 to schedule an appointment.

In the new year, I expect to be facilitating online classes in metaphysical subjects with a large focus on Jane Roberts' Seth Material. Call me to let me know if you are interested.

In addition, I want to schedule some meet-up groups focussed on past lives during the Civil War era, with an emphasis on the lives of women, children, slaves, and other non-combatants. Once again, call me to let me know your interest.

Introduction To Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerfully effective modality of relaxation and other techniques that can transform the way one lives.

Increasingly deeper relaxation allows the individual to develop selective, magnified awareness and concentration, bypassing the limitations of the critical, conscious mind to enter the realm of the subconscious where old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving may be directly faced and transformed. The hypnotic trance allows the subconscious to be more positively programmed through suggestions and other means.

Hypnosis may also open the individual to a more profound inner realm, called by different names in different cultures. This realm is the source, among other things, of never-ending support, new and more complex perspectives, and expanded and enriched awareness of body, mind and soul.

The origins of hypnotherapy probably go back beyond recorded history, to when people first used altered awareness to affect their inner and outer worlds. Later, the ancient Roman and Greek Oracles, Sacred Temples, and Mystery Schools most surely used some form of hypnosis to help devotees and initiates to make contact with whatever they held holy and transformative. And for millennia, to help their supplicants, shamans worldwide have regularly evoked hypnotic reactions in themselves and in whom they help through a vast variety of techniques (chanting, rapid movement, etc.).

In the late 1770s, Anton Mesmer, a French physician, used hypnotism successfully to help his patients, though he called it "Animal Magnetism" and did not really understand the mental mechanisms he was using. Though he was quite the "rage" for some time, in the end he and his technique as then understood were discredited by the medical authorities. In the 1800's hypnosis enjoyed a revival, especially with surgical patients, but then diminished in importance as new, chemical means of anesthesia were developed.

In the twentieth century, individuals like Emile Coué, Dave Elman, Milton Erikson, Jeffrey Zeig, David Cheek, Ernest Rossi, Stephen and Carol Lankton, E.A. Barnett, D.C. Hammond, Ormond McGill, Joseph Barber, John Watkins, John Edgette, and Gil Boyne and a host of newer voices have helped promote the use and advancement of hypnosis. In 1955 the British Medical Society approved hypnosis for use in dentistry and as an effective adjunct to medical treatment. The American Medical Association followed suit in 1957.

Hypnosis is an aspect of many other mind-altering modalities, like NLP, Silva Mind Control, meditation, various forms of guided imagery, biofeedback, EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, etc. In short, Hypnosis is constantly growing in popularity as an effective means of helping people lead more pleasurable, productive, and powerful lives.

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