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Thank you for visiting today. Here you can learn about hypnotherapy; explore services offered, including upcoming workshops and events; read related articles, a relevant blog, and client testimonials; and meet

Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr. 

Hypnosis facilitates connection to the subconscious and to the SuperConscious mind, the deep source of vast creativity and talent, accurate intuition and profound wisdom.

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I wil be Teaching Online for Bridges-Academy very soon.  Already on the site is my free, hour-long lecture on the history, controversies, and legends of Crystal Skulls, along with some methods of buying, activating and programming them for healing and divining work with self and others.  

Other forthcoming courses will focus on:

The Vast Benefits of Accessing Your Alternate Selves: A Brief Look at the Sethian Model of the Multi-Dimensional Self

The Power of Beliefs to Create or Obstruct What You Want


Check out the NEW set of sessions of the Explorations in Consciousness Circle 

that meets once a month online via Zoom from 12:45 to 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon:

January 16, February 20, March 20 .

Every Year in September the Circle Makes a Trip to the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park:

Check out the Circle's 2017 Excursion to help ghosts go to the Light at the Peach Orchard Battlefield here

Check out the Circle's 2016 Excursion to help ghosts go to the Light at The Wheat Field Battlefield here

Check out the Circle's 2015 Excursion to help ghosts go to the Light the Battlefield at Devils's Den here

Consult the Workshop and Events Section for details.

I am now offering a 90-minute Introductory Hynotherapy Session that includes a 15-minute intake interview, 60 minutes of Sacred Space hypnosis, and a 15-minute debrief of the experience. This is especially useful to individuals new to hypnosis and perhaps unsure of committing to a more in-depth hypnotherapy process. Fee is $160.00. Check out the full description in the Workshops and Events Section.


i specialize in Quantum Healing Hypnosis created by the renowned Dolores Cannon

I am giving comprehensive, hour-long, Crystal Skull Readings at my home office or by PHONE or SKYPE in Frederick, MD. Fee is $125.00. Call me at 301 526 2043 to schedule an appointment. Check out the full description in the Workshops and Events Section





In late 2013, I conducted a series of radio interviews on VoiceAmerica with experts in the field of past lives, past-life regression, and consciousness studies.  


In this book created from that series of interviews, I first relate my own past-life protocol, as well as tips for achieving a successful past-life regression and finding an appropriate regressionist; then  interview three of my clients about the healing that past-life regression can provide.  Next I discuss the positive and negative implications of what I call the “old,” time-bound, cause-and-effect notion of Karma that tends to focus on what amounts to predetermined punishment for transgressions committed earlier in the present or in a past life.  Opposing this view is a different notion of how present-life arrangements are related to past-life deeds: as a pattern of freely-chosen contracts/choices made with others to try out a different path. 


Following the chapter on Karma are ten other chapters devoted to the different contexts in which practitioners have accessed past lives; these include interviews focussed on Children’s Past Lives with Carol Bowman, Past Lives and Attached Entities with Greg McHugh, Soul Contracts with Linda Baker, Past-Life Regression with Intact Groups with Janet Cunningham, Past Lives and Natal Regression with Tim Simmerman-Sierra, Past-Life Regression to Capture Lost History with Joanna Prentis and Stuart Wilson, Edgar Cayce and Past Lives in Atlantis with Nancy Eubel, Past Lives and Life-Between-Lives with Dee Chips, and Research on the Positive Effects of Past-Life Regression with Heather S. Friedman Rivera.  


Throughout the text and Endnotes, I comment on the materials presented from the point of view of Seth, that “energy personality essence” channeled by Jane Roberts from 1963 to her passing over in 1984.  Making this perspective even more concrete are my interviews with two of Jane’s ESP students, Rich Kendall and the late Lawrence Davidson, who share what it was like to have Seth comment on several of their own past lives.  


This book will appeal greatly to followers of Seth, those interested in the expansion of consciousness, those curious about past lives and related matters, and novice and experienced practitioners of past-life regression.

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An Earlier Book!

My Newest Book!

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In Ending the Endless Conflict: Healing Narratives from Past-Life Regressions to the Civil War, I take the reader on multiple journeys to the Civil War, the main source of the shadow-filled, polarized, stereotyped and simplistic thinking haunting America today.  By investigating the Civil War, past lives of 17 individuals living today, I provide the potential for healing on both the individual and collective levels.


In the pages of Ending, readers will meet captivating Civil War personalities, including


  • Gregory, a young slave who flees Union invaders only to find freedom more onerous than slavery;              

  • James Matthews, a Negro soldier who fights for and is ultimately betrayed by the Union Army;         

  • Jen, a Confederate, White girl who is more connected emotionally to Negroes than to Whites;

  • John Roberts, a Union doctor who abruptly leaves the battlefield to care for people back home;                       

  • Edward Fitzgerald, a Confederate doctor who treats a Negro Union soldier and then deserts to treat both Negro and White communities on the home front;    

  • Anna Beechum, a Confederate wife who fears her husband has desertedand, consequently, makes a home with her former slave;

  • Margaret Ann Tanner, a Confederate wife who copes with the difficult home front by “turning a blind eye”;                                                       

  • Ruby, a naïve, Confederate girl who sleeps with a seductive and callous Union officer;                                                                             

  • Elizabeth Fisher, an emotionally fragile, Confederate girl who sleeps with a Negro slave who is consequently murdered;                                        

  • Carlita Mendez, a young, Hispanic, Confederate woman who gives up most of her love life because of fear of loss;                                                                   

  • Joe McIntyre and his brother, two very young, idealistic boys who eagerly join the Union ranks, but soon face unexpected horrors;                         

  • Raymond Banks, a Union Drummer Boy who becomes a combatant and turns into a brutal warrior;    

  • Amos Adams, a Southern young man who surrenders his power to choose his own destiny;           

  • Theodore Charles Woodruff, a Confederate, young man who faces his killer Shadow and, paradoxically, becomes a creator of life;

  • John Morrison Oliver, a dedicated, fierce, Union soldier who becomes a General, finds his heart, and then reaches out to his former enemy;                  

  • and an Unknown, Union Scout, who becomes a combatant and is a Counterpart Self to another, Union scout in a reconnaissance balloon


A final, past-life personage, Robert E. Lee, is accessed, not as his actual self,

but rather in terms of his still “living” worldview by one of his descendants.


Besides illustrating the sometimes overwhelming tragedy of those past lives,

the stories that unfold are themselves fascinating windows into the era’s many cultural aspects, domestic and military, including, among others, slavery,

Northern as well as Southern racism, Southern and Northern concepts of

honor, and the hopes for, as well as the horrors of the War for both sides.


The underlying metaphysics for this work are spiritual concepts voiced by Seth, that “energy personality essence” channeled by Jane Roberts.  With the help of

the Seth Material, spiritual phenomena like Past Lives, Counterpart Selves,

Future Selves, Parallel Selves, and “living” worldviews—all encountered in the regressions—are explained.  Sacred Contracts between individuals, as well as ghosts and spirit attachments are also part of the mix of fascinating topics.  


All of these purposes coalesce into a timely, informative, powerful, and

immensely engaging work.

To Purchase a Copy, Click Here!

Some of my friends at the Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co., where I wrote most of this book.

To hear Joe talk about his book on Path 11 Production, click here.

Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera interviews Joe about his book here

    Dr. Joe Out Front and Personable



In 2013, Joe hosted a 13-week radio show on VoiceAmerica's 7th Wave Channel featuring interviews with experts on past lives, past-life regression and related matters.  To hear these interviews, click here.


To hear Joe speak about Crystal Skulls with Rosanna Tufts on Perfect World Network Radio, click here 

Dr.Joe's Appearances at Expos/Festivals/Symposiums/Workshops


Sadly, Covid-19 has curtailed all of Joe's appearances at expos and festivals and conferences until such time as the CDC allows these kinds of gatherings.  Come back when the threat is understood to be over!!!


Dr. Joe's Group "House Calls" 


Gather 10 individuals + you for a group session--a regression or other modality--and you as host attend free! Joe will travel within a 50-mile radius of Frederick.



 Skype and Phone Consults


On a case-by-case basis, Joe may agree to do some modalities via Zoom, especially with those individuals with whom he has previously worked.  Some phone consults may also be possible.

Check Out These Workshops!

  • Explorations in Consciousness: The Monthy Circle: Saturday Afternoons: Next Set: October 19, November 16, December 14, 2019

  • A Group Past Life Regression Workshop: To be Announced

  • 90-Minute Introductory Hypnotherapy Session: By Appointment

  • Crystal Skull Readings: By Appointment During The Week

  • Past-Life Regression and Shamanic Journeying: To Be Announced

  • Spiritual Journeying and Healing with Crystal Skulls: To Be Announced

  • Yoga & Past-Life Regression: To Be Announced

  • Radical Wisdom of the Heart: An Introduction: To Be Announced

  • Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: To Be Announced

  • Hypnosis, the Writer & the Writing: To Be Announced

  • Explorations in Consciousness: A Day-Long Workshop on Dreams: To Be Announced

  • Explorations in Consciousness: A Day-Long Workshop on Psychic Protection: To Be Announced

  • Explorations in Consciousness: A Day-long Workshop on the Chakras: To Be Announced

  • Divining the Soul: Divination Techniques from Various Traditions: To Be Announced

  • Past Life Regression With Your Angels: To Be Announced

  • HypnoDrama: A Day of Improvisational Fun!: To Be Announced

  • Explorations in Consciousness Weekend II: Contining to Choose the Leading Edge of Your Life: To Be Announced


Please see the Workshops and Events section for details. 

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