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"At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one's lost self."

   - Brendan Francis

"Since the roots of our character are unconscious, and hypnotic regression illuminates these roots, clients of regression can change the programming that exists from the past instantaneously. "

     - Allen Chips, Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Age Regression
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Often a problem, especially a chronic one, has roots in the past, including childhood. When such is the case, the client is regressed usually through an affect bridge (an intensification of the problematic feeling state) to a time in the past of the present incarnation when he first experienced the difficult feelings. There the individual may relive directly or from a detached point of view the origin of the problematic situation. Hypnotic/Gestalt Work with External Personalities and other hypnotic techniques may be used to work through the original situation.


After or during a cathartic experience in the past, the individual may get help from his “future self” (who he/she is in the current year), a Wise Figure, an Angel, etc. Trauma reversal, redoing the childhood experience in a more positive way, time-lining (experiencing events after childhood as now influenced by the new feeling arising from changing the childhood situation), and reinforcing a new, nurturing connection between the Inner Parent and the Inner Child- these and other techniques enhance the positive outcome of the Age Regression and the client’s ensuing life.

This process is categorized as Hypnotic Parts Therapy. 


About Hypnotic Parts Therapy

Ever since Freud conceptualized the tri-partite division of the psyche as the Id, Superego and Ego, many other therapies have worked with a parts-orientation. These include, among others, Carl Jung’s Active Imagination, Transactional Analysis, Inner Child Work, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt Underdog and Top Dog, Analytical Parts Therapy, and Moore’s Lover/Magician/King/Warrior. 

The intention of all of these versions of parts therapy is to give expression to otherwise suppressed or alienated voices/attitudes within the psyche and then integrate them with the hitherto dominant viewpoint. When utilized, these parts therapies are in themselves hypnotic; but they are greatly enhanced in effect with the deepening of formal hypnosis. Any of the parts therapies listed above may be used in the services offered here.

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