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"CRT is a system designed to clear trauma and painful experience, without the client's having to remember or re-experience it."


-Anne Drucker, CCHt.

Cellular Release Therapy (tm) (CRT)

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This work is based in part on the work of Ed Martin, Ph.D., who developed Cell Command Therapy." Anne Drucker, CCHt., my teacher, developed and enhanced his concept into her trademarked. 

As she explains, in a single session, Cellular Release Therapy(tm) can "clear experiences from many different lifetimes that may be contributing to a current condition or situation." "This material can be specific to a certain issue or topic, which the client determines s/he is ready to have change. By this means the healing can take place incrementally, or in layers, at a pace which honors the client's own sense of timing and safety, while at the same time accelerating the process of transformation. As this clearing takes place, it progressively decontaminates the natural intelligence of the body." Furthermore, unlike the situation with "talking therapy," the clearing does not require the consent of the conscious mind or its attention to the experiences, the details of which far surpass the capacity of the conscious mind to know or deal with. In fact, the conscious mind is not really needed at all during this process. 

As Anne further explains, CRT is based on three key points:

a. "The subconscious mind resides in every cell of the body, and the cells are continuously programmed from the moment of conception." Moreover, since the energy system "continues from lifetime to lifetime," all experiences from previous incarnations are in the present body and form the "foundational beginning of the database for the body/mind." 

b. "The subconscious mind has unlimited ability to receive, record, and store information, and to bring forth logical results based on this information, but it has no volition, per se. What the subconscious does not reject it accepts as fact." (Emphasis mine). So as traumatic experiences with their attendant shock, conclusions (often false or exaggerated), fears and other emotions accumulate in the subconscious over many years, it may be that the subconscious mind, "looking" at this accumulation, will at some point think it logical to create an illness in the body, mind or emotions to reflect what is "knows" internally.

c. "The subconscious knows exactly how to completely heal the body, mind and emotions, and because it has no volition, as such, it must be directed to do so. Because mind is an aspect of soul, the subconscious constitutes a bridge and, thus, things held in the soul can also be accessed and cleared."

CRT may be used to clear experiences of trauma of all kinds, emotional issues, relationship issues, habits and addictions (including weight and eating issues), physical trauma and injuries, physical conditions, and limiting beliefs. Some kinds of release work may take several sessions, as layers of residue are removed one after another. NOTE: CRT is a spiritual modality and thus is not intended in any way to replace professional medical or psychological diagnosis, advice or treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat any medical or psychological condition. Consult your doctor or mental health professional before consulting with me. 


These sessions range from 3 to 4 hours. I charge by the hour at $100.00 per hour. If you want the session recorded, you must bring your own recording equipment. I recommend a digital voice recorder that can record up to 6-7 hours. I cannot change cassette tapes or do anything else with any recorder because I must devote full attention to what is unfolding during the process.

Highlights from My Own Story:

I experienced many hours of CRT when I was first introduced to it since I wanted to clear out a lot of spiritual toxins. (By the way, those toxins were mirrored in physical toxins that I later released through a polarized foot bath.) I cleared a lot of cellular residue from a number issues. For instance, I had done much work with other modalities regarding my Vietnam tour and felt quite free from it; but the topic emerged again in my preparation for the CRT. And, after the CRT session, I felt much lighter than I have ever felt about the effects of that major event on my life. 


After my first Cellular Release Therapy(tm) (CRT) session, I noticed the shift even before I left Joe's office. First, I felt a feeling of calm clarity; then a quite extraordinary sensation: a mysterious but undeniably tangible feeling that a heavy load had just been lifted off my shoulders. I was lighter! Apparently I had been carrying some spiritual weight I did not know existed, and now it was gone. I'm in a mid-life career change, and I came to do CRT to see if it could in some way help me along. But I did not realize just how bogged down I was till I felt the weight vanish. Since that CRT session, I feel a fresh sense of motivation, confidence, and energy. I am once again moving with renewed purpose and complete trust in my progress. Can I account for this in rational terms? No. Can I testify how real it is and how energized I now feel? YES!

S.M., Mid-Life Professional


Cellular Release Therapy(tm) (CRT) is a hypnotic process to release traumas without reliving them by communicating directly with the subconscious and literally commanding their release.

I recently retired from my corporate career and have been searching for a path that will both challenge me and serve humanity. Experiencing with Joe Mancini the CRT modality, a highly structured, repetitive and, indeed, sometimes boring-to the conscious mind--hypnotic process, helped me in my search beyond my expectations.

At one point, my subconscious was asked when I first experienced such uncertainty. Though this process does not require the conscious mind to know what the subconscious knows, when the question was asked, my conscious mind was immediately provided with a situation, similar to the current one, which occurred 45 years previously; at that time I had decided to give up an academic 
career well within my grasp in favor of venturing out into the greater world and thus into an uncertain future. The remembrance was an epiphany for me and brought me to uncontrollable tears of joy and understanding. In that same instant my retirement future of challenge and service sprang into focus. A pursuit I have been considering took substantial and meaningful shape in my thoughts.

Of all the work I have done with Joe over the years, Cellular Release Therapyâ„¢ has proven the most profound. By communicating directly with my subconscious and by literally commanding it to release those traumatic experiences of my life, Joe freed me to find the vision that I had been seeking. I am deeply grateful. 

J.Z., Organization Consultant.

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