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"Quite literally, you live more than one life at a time…If you are glutted—sated—with a steak dinner, for example, in America or Europe, then you are also famished in another portion of the world, experiencing life from an entirely different viewpoint….You have counterparts of yourself….each living person has other counterparts of himself or herself alive, generally speaking, at the same time, sharing the physical face of the earth. "


- Seth, through Jane Roberts, The Unknown Reality, Vol II

Connecting to Counterpart Selves

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According to some metaphysical orientations, each of us is an aspect of a larger psychic entity, an “Oversoul,” which has seeded physical existence with as many as four Counterpart Selves. Thus, in this view, each of us has as many as three Counterpart Selves, some of whom we may actually know, some of whom we may never know and who may be living in other countries. These four selves occupy roughly the same time period, though some may be younger or older than others. 
All four selves are working on the same general life issue, each from a different “angle.” 

For instance, a 34-year-old white male living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is chronically overweight from “medicating” his workaholism. A counterpart, a girl of 16, is the white male’s daughter, who suffers from weight gain due to her determination not to be seen as “attractive enough” to be raped again. In New Delhi, India, another counterpart, a newborn, suffers from malnutrition without much hope of being helped. And in Tokyo, Japan, still another counterpart, a Japanese man of 64, is working on a pill that keeps an individual at his or her appropriate weight. 

All four of these individuals are working on the general problem of managing weight in this incarnation. Through hypnosis, the individual may contact any one of these Counterpart Selves for information that might help that individual experience another perspective and so enhance his or her contribution to the solution of the general issue affecting all the selves of the Oversoul. Also, that information may help the individual more constructively deal with his or her own aspect of the general issue. What may occur during hypnosis is simple reporting by these selves about their experiences and/or multifaceted dialogue among these Counterpart Selves. Much of the rest of the actual process has some similarities to the one used for reaffirming major decision, the one employed in Past-Life Regression and the one for examining Parallel Lives.

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