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"Love relationships are by far the most rewarding of all karmic entanglements. Couples quickly find out that they have been together before in many past lives….When there is a problem in a relationship, past life regressions can often pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. "


- Bruce Goldberg, Past Lives, Future Lives

Couple's Past-Life Regression

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In this often extremely profound Transpersonal Hypnotherapeutic possibility, two people who are willing to risk knowing about a past life together gather information that can change their present relationship. Because of the significant effect such a journey can have on both people, only committed couples who have been together for at least six months are invited to explore this path. 

In this process, the two individuals, sitting or lying side by side and holding hands, are led into hypnosis at the same time. Their higher chakras are then bonded through light arcs. Next, after suitable protection is invoked, they are led back to a life in which they appeared together. Often, they first go to different lives, and thus it is sometimes difficult to get them into the same life and to the same place and time in that life! 

There is no guarantee that such will be achieved; if they do not come to the same lifetime or otherwise cannot meet, there is usually a psychic reason that may be explored. (Sometimes, though rarely, they find they had no past lifetime together, and then the process reverts to a small-group, Past-Life Regression.) 

Once they are in the same place at the same time, the process proceeds mostly as in a regular Past-Life Regression. Significant events are examined, with each person contributing his or her impressions. One member may pass over before the other and usually is asked to “hover” nearby until the other passes. Feelings and thoughts before and after the death of the body are scrutinized, and then both spirits go into the Divine Light where they get insights about the decisions and fears and joys of the life just lived that are affecting the current life and relationship. 

Sharing and further integration of insights with the help of the hypnotherapist follow their mutual emergence from hypnosis.

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