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"During [these] periods of relaxation after concentrated intellectual activity, the intuitive mind seems to take over and can produce the sudden clarifying insights which give so much joy and delight. "

   - Fritjof Capra 

"After we know ourselves through what we see, we can come to know ourselves equally through what we don’t see….Practicing awareness allows us to develop emotional and spiritual peripheral vision, to become aware of the subtleties at the extremities of the familiar. "


- Deena Metzger, Writing for Your Life

Creating Sacred Space

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In this process, after the induction, the individual (or group) enters a space of his/her own choosing--sometimes the subconscious or deeper self does the choosing--one that in waking life was visited or one created in the hypnotic moment. This space is completely calm, peaceful, serene, protective, safe, and comfortable. And the space may stay the same, change a little or completely each time the client visits it. The client orients through all five senses to vivify the experience of the place. Just being in this space is healing to the mind and spirit and ultimately to the body. 

The client may be invited to create structures, rooms, etc. where he or she will come to when he/she wants, for instance, to watch a mental movie of a new way of his/her being in the world, receive a “psychic massage,” open to healing suggestions, try on new identities, and operate “a dial” or other “instrument “that can reduce her/his pain. As the session nears its end, the client is given the post-hypnotic suggestion that, later, she or he can self-hypnotize and come to this space at any time and do what needs to be done to ease pain, physical or otherwise.

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