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"Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."


- William James

Hypnosis: Emerging Possibilities in Business

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Hypnosis is a relaxing, natural, and effective means of tapping the vast, creative potential of the subconscious and super-conscious mind to enhance leadership and managerial competencies and positively affect workplace productivity. For instance, Hypnosis can facilitate the emergence of new possibilities in the mind-set, resourcefulness, professional presence, strategy and problem-solving of an individual or a team.


In their need to produce, leaders, managers and teams are not much different from athletes and their teams, many of whom find hypnosis and self-hypnosis imperative to achieve success. Athletes need to maintain high mental focus, stamina, resilience and the ability to problem-solve in a creative fashion at a moment's notice. To do all of that and more, individuals and teams in athletics need to program or reprogram how they operate in the face of challenge. Hypnotic and self-hypnotic interventions have helped very many high achievers for many years. (See, for instance, John H. Edgette & Tim Rowan's Winning the Mind Game: Using Hypnosis in Sport Psychology and John Kappas' Self-Hypnosis: The Key to Athletic Success, Tom Tutko's Sports Psyching, and Alan S. Goldberg's Sports Slump Busting.)


In fact, many of the hypnotic strategies used by trainers, coaches and the athletes themselves are quite adaptable to helping executives and their teams develop their highest business potential.


By using these interventions and many others, the Business Hypnotist becomes, in effect, a Business Coach, carefully attentive to the stated and unstated professional needs of the individual or team. The Business Hypnotist/Coach tailors techniques to achieve the intended outcomes, encourages constructive perspectives, and teaches hypnotized individuals to become self-empowered, in charge of their own progress and transformation.


More specifically, hypnosis is useful for the following objectives and many others: 


  • Enhancing Sales Productivity

  • Decreasing Anxiety for Public Presentations

  • Relieving Stress Due to Business Pressures

  • Imaging Successful Completion of Difficult Challenges

  • Bolstering Inner Resources during Rapid Change

  • Eliminating Distractions to Focusing and Goal Setting

  • Removing Blocks to Productivity

  • Encouraging Follow-Through on a Task

  • Surfacing Unseen Potentials and Risks

  • Inspiring Alternate Choices & New Possibilities

  • Rousing Creativity

  • Fostering Individual and Group Imaginative Problem-Solving

  • Invigorating Individual and Group Visioning/Strategic Planning

  • Enhancing Product Development

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