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"During [these] periods of relaxation after concentrated intellectual activity, the intuitive mind seems to take over and can produce the sudden clarifying insights which give so much joy and delight. "

   - Fritjof Capra 

"A person in a [hypnotic] trance has an increased ability to focus or concentrate, which is appealing to athletes. It is possible for a hypnotized person to ignore distractions in the surroundings and to zero in on feelings, on specific stimuli, or on a past or imagined event [for analysis of success or failure]. "


- Donald R. Liggett, Sport Hypnosis

Enhancing Sports / Talent Performance

Session Information | Requirements Suggested Reading


This service depends for its success on the client’s having strong motivation; such motivation involves the client’s willingness to accept full responsibility for making whatever changes are necessary in his or her behavior and belief system and maintaining the positive outcome. Sometimes, the client discovers that winning or doing ones best is NOT what he or she really wants because of the burden, for instance, of parental and/or peer influence. In such a case, Hypnotic Gestalt Work with External or Internal Characters or some other technique may be needed. 

Once the client is properly motivated, hypnotic visualization of a highly detailed, concrete plan accompanied by specific self-affirmations/suggestions can help the client “see” himself or herself winning or performing expertly. Depending on the nature of the issue, another tactic is to have the client in hypnosis concretely picture an active image of a famous person with the talent (in sports or elsewhere) that she or he wants and then merge that image with an image of himself or herself doing the same activity. Still another possibility is regressing the client to a time when he/she was performing optimally and then linking the feelings/thoughts/ behaviors of that time to the present situation. Ego-strengthening, elimination of distractions, reduction of fear, goal-setting, and relaxation of mind/body are other foci of hypnotic interventions, depending on the presenting problem. After the session, self-hypnosis with affirmations is a must for the client. 

The hypnotherapist may also work with an entire team to correct mistakes, inspire motivation, arouse energy and improve overall performance. 

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