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"Accordingly, there are parallel yous and mes somehow existing in the same space and time that we live in but normally not seen or sensed by us. In these universes, choices and decisions are being made at the very instant you are choosing and deciding. Only the outcomes are different, leading to different but similar worlds….Could the forces of the Universe create parallel beings like ourselves, and could those beings be in communication with us in some manner that we may only be beginning to detect? "


- Fred Alan Wolf, Parallel Universes

Examining Parallel Lives

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One interpretation of Quantum Physics posits that universes, parallel to the one we consciously inhabit, actually exist. According to this view, every time we make a decision to do one thing rather than any other, all the other choices are actualized in parallel universes. In certain metaphysical schemas, these parallel universes often intersect with ours and manifest in dreams, fantasies, hunches, and otherwise unexplained changes in life direction. 

Through hypnosis, it is possible to “contact” some of your parallel selves to gain helpful insights from their experiences (and vice versa) with issues similar to the ones you currently face. There may be extensive dialogue between one parallel self and another. Much of the rest of the actual process has some similarities to the one used for reaffirming a major decision, the one employed in Past-Life Regression and the one for connecting to Counterpart Selves.

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