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"I learn by going where to go. "


- Theodore Roethke

Exploring Alternate Choices

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Sometimes an individual is at a crossroad and does not know which way to turn in this life. Which job to take, which person to marry, whether to have a child, etc.--these are examples of such a crossroad. So he may want to explore the implications of alternate choices. While in hypnosis, the individual is invited to try out in turn at least three probable futures, one that takes him forward on the path he is already on, another that is similar to but different from the current path, and a third that is extremely different from the present path. Or the person might want simply to try out, for instance, three, seemingly equal, career paths.


In each of these probable futures, the individual is invited to pass painlessly through his death and gather the learnings gained from connecting to SuperConscious Wisdom. While the person may not direct his life ultimately onto any one of these probable paths, the knowledge he gains from these explorations enhances his ability to choose wisely what he actually will do. 

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