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"At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one's lost self."

   - Brendan Francis

"That's the main business of the poem!--to see if you can't make up a language that sets all your selves talking at once--all of them being fair to each other. "


- Richard Wilbur

Hypnotic Gestalt Work with

Conflicted or Troubled Parts of the Self
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When a client is experiencing a conflict between one or more parts of the self, such as the Inner Child and the Inner Parent or Inner Adult, this hypnotic process is often very helpful. Once the client is in hypnosis, he or she is invited to give voice in turn to each part to create a dialogue. As a solution to the dilemma is sought, this dialogue may involve other parts of the self not first in evidence. Sometimes another part (voiced by the client as needed), such as a Wise Figure, is brought in to mediate the conflict between the first two parts that are debating with each other. Once the resolution of the conflict is reached, the client is given lots of relevant positive suggestions and is invited to form positive action steps to be taken in his internal and/or external life.

This process is categorized as Hypnotic Parts Therapy. 


About Hypnotic Parts Therapy

Ever since Freud conceptualized the tri-partite division of the psyche as the Id, Superego and Ego, many other therapies have worked with a parts-orientation. These include, among others, Carl Jung’s Active Imagination, Transactional Analysis, Inner Child Work, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt Underdog and Top Dog, Analytical Parts Therapy, and Moore’s Lover/Magician/King/Warrior. 

The intention of all of these versions of parts therapy is to give expression to otherwise suppressed or alienated voices/attitudes within the psyche and then integrate them with the hitherto dominant viewpoint. When utilized, these parts therapies are in themselves hypnotic; but they are greatly enhanced in effect with the deepening of formal hypnosis. Any of the parts therapies listed above may be used in the services offered here.

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