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"At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one's lost self."

   - Brendan Francis

"But in fact your own creative subconscious mind, which formulated your dreams, knows exactly what they are about and [hypnotic] Gestalt Dreamwork is a powerful tool in getting to the answers. " 


- Randall Churchill, Become the Dream


"We should see dreaming as one of our responsibilities, rather than an alternative to one. " 

- Mary Engelbreit


Hypnotic/Gestalt Work with

Dreams and Metaphors
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This is an especially powerful technique for accessing messages from the SuperConscious, particularly those channeled through recurrent dreams. After a report of the dream in the present tense by the client, he or she undergoes a relaxation induction and movement to a Sacred Place. There the client is invited to imagine lying down and relaxing still further. Next the client narrates the dream in the present tense. Then the individual is asked to engage in “conversations” between and among aspects of the dream by “speaking” in turn for each part, including any inanimate object.


What usually emerges in these conversations is a complex but very instructive communication from the deeper self to the conscious mind. Mindful of this communication, the client is given many positive suggestions and creates action steps to bring the message of the subconscious/SuperConscious to bear on his conscious life. The same process may be done with a detailed metaphor which the client has suddenly created or found in some external source, like a movie or a book or a bit of conversation.

This process is categorized as Hypnotic Parts Therapy. 


About Hypnotic Parts Therapy

Ever since Freud conceptualized the tri-partite division of the psyche as the Id, Superego and Ego, many other therapies have worked with a parts-orientation. These include, among others, Carl Jung’s Active Imagination, Transactional Analysis, Inner Child Work, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt Underdog and Top Dog, Analytical Parts Therapy, and Moore’s Lover/Magician/King/Warrior. 

The intention of all of these versions of parts therapy is to give expression to otherwise suppressed or alienated voices/attitudes within the psyche and then integrate them with the hitherto dominant viewpoint. When utilized, these parts therapies are in themselves hypnotic; but they are greatly enhanced in effect with the deepening of formal hypnosis. Any of the parts therapies listed above may be used in the services offered here.

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