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Come join us for a day-long or weekend session of HypnoDrama Improvisation for Spiritual Development and play fully improvise new possibilities for your life!

HypnoDrama Spiritual Weekend Workshop Testimonials


The Weekend was nothing less than a sublime treat! Under the guidance of HypnoDrama’s innovative approach, I experienced seven transformative revelations about the obstacles I create in my life by "telling the wrong stories." Contrary to my expectations, the intensely fun weekend left me feeling energized and more whole rather than emotionally drained and conflicted. Your staff made me feel safe to dive deep into the realm of story and examine how I define the world of possibilities before me. As a facilitator who uses storytelling in his work, the unrelenting experiential design of this program serves as a huge inspiration to my evolving business. Also huge kudos for assembling such a remarkable group of fellow participants and staff! In addition to all my learnings, I left the Weekend with a newfound community of kindred spirits to support me on the journey. 


- M. M., 26, Professional Marketer/Storyteller


HypnoDrama has birthed a spiritual workshop which is an exquisite testimony to the power of creating sacred space and time. Late on a cold, clear Friday afternoon, workshop participants and staff alike drove in ordinary cars along ordinary roads from ordinary jobs and lives. We settled together into a comfortable and bucolic, but otherwise ordinary space, to spend the weekend together under the guidance of Joe Mancini and Liz Berney. Informed by the careful, conscious process and inspired by the building of compassionate, mutual trust, two of the cornerstones of all of Joe and Liz's work, this workshop had a transformative effect on us all. We traveled through past, present and future lives, guided by the intuitive exploration of possibilities in our lives and ourselves. We breathed, we felt, we played, we danced, we laughed, we cried, we dreamed. Through our improvisations, sometimes fun, sometimes deeply courageous, we were all witness to the vast and guiding powers of our human intuition. We were deeply inspired by each other, and we found new vision in ourselves. Movement, play and improvisation can and do create miracles. And on Sunday night, the world received back into its ordinary life one very enlivened group of people, with hearts stirred and refreshed, and eyes much more open to the wider, deeper, and greater possibilities in their own lives and in all life.


- S.M., 48, Professional Administrator and Organizer


Joe Mancini created a wonderful workshop intensive using the power of improvisation. It served me as a pathway to realization of my connectedness with my past, present and future. I began the weekend with a skeptical reservation about past lives. I feared that I was going to be thrust into a belief system I was not ready to adopt. As is common with me, my fears are usually quite different from reality when I step into it. The magic of the protocol moved me into an openness that simply presented me with the choice of exploring "possibilities." Making the choice to be open to possibilities and to extend my trust to the group rewarded me with gifts of new frames of reference for assessing my earthly role in this great improvisation called life. The strength of the container and the collective intuition of the group produced powerful improvisations that so gracefully and vividly exposed the inter-connectedness we all have with one another and within us. This is a workshop I would do again, because the magic of the workshop is created especially for the participants by the participants in the moment.


- R.P., 52, Director of Engineering Services Division


The HypnoDrama Spiritual Weekend was a vivid reminder for me of my spiritual yearnings over the last twelve years. Much of my personal work has been around the inter-connectedness of all things, living and not living, in the universe. My mission is to teach the world to love itself, by loving it myself. My favorite contemporary movie is Groundhog Day, in which the protagonist relives a single day over and over, trying different approaches until he gets it right by learning how to love selflessly. Similarly, RoundTable Theatre permits a TransActor to revisit a dilemma over and over, looking at it from many different perspectives until he or she gets it right. Whether the HypnoDrama Spiritual Weekend is viewed literally with respect to the notion of past lives, moving from existence to existence, stopping each time in the Bardo, the space between the lives, or whether it is viewed metaphorically, moving from stage to stage of this existence now real for each of us, the Weekend creates a safe space in which to examine lessons learned and lessons to be learned. Though I am skeptical about past lives, I have no skepticism about what I have learned from HypnoDrama improvisations.


- J. Z., 59, Organization Development and Organizational Change Agent


I wish I could justly capture the true profundity of the workshop! The HypnoDrama Spiritual Weekend’s unique process, melding improvisation and introspection, provided me an opportunity to literally "try-on" a different persona, one which I sensed/knew was within me, but was never previously able to manifest. With this experience, I learned I am able to embody that persona. And I am able to "wear" this facet of myself at any time and incorporate it into my everyday life. This latter occurrence is incredibly liberating and empowering, as I feel I am now able to more fully be me. All in all, the HypnoDrama for Spiritual Development Weekend broadened my perception and self-understanding.


- C.R., 41, Director of Operations and Compliance


Over the past decade, I have attended many of Joe Mancini's workshops and have witnessed many seemingly miraculous breakthroughs. When I heard about the HypnoDrama Spiritual Weekend, however, I was skeptical about the concept of past lives. I accepted Joe's invitation because I trust him, and I'm thankful I did. The weekend was filled with movement exercises, deep thought and connection. I was filled with wonder at the many surprising insights. I went with my partner, and we continue to share the insights of the weekend. I recommend this to anyone who is ready to find a new perspective on his or her life - and I especially encourage couples to participate. And it's OK if you have doubts. Skeptics are welcome.


- J.B., 70, Editor and Master Gardener


Too often during a typical day, I find myself simply analyzing my psyche, breaking who I am into scattered pieces. When I forget to synthesize and affirm the connections among those pieces, I feel disaffirmed and even sometimes depressed. Joe Mancini's HypnoDrama for Spiritual Development Weekend facilitated that very affirmation I tend to lack by inviting me to a deep, sacred and connecting playfulness. Through mind and body exercises, Joe and Liz created a space that affirmed my being as I broke down rigidly-held, limiting beliefs, sat with the ensuing chaos, and then built for myself a more complex self, able to respond more completely to a complicated world.


- D.K., 28, Executive Coordinator


Improv is a powerful tool to see the relationships in my life differently from what my filters and beliefs have convinced me is true. Adapting this tool, along with the connections within a clearly-intentioned group, to look at possible "past lives" is a remarkable lens through which to focus on lessons that repeat. The notion of "past lives" does not have to be viewed as a reality, but may instead be seen as a powerful metaphor to gather threads from our own family stories to see patterns that permit different choices to be made in the present. It is as if the warp and woof of the fabric of our lives, down through the generations, can be altered so that we become the weaver who designs new patterns allowing our dreams to wear different garments.


- L.D.B., 60, VP Federal Government Relations

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