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"Self-hypnosis [and hypnosis with a therapist] can enable you to gain control over the “switches,” or “chips,” that control pain sensations in different parts of your body. These switches can be turned on or off mentally when you learn specific skills for doing so. " 

- Bruce Eimer

Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain Now!

Hynotherapy for Migraines

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This process is best used when the client actually experiences the headache. After a long, very relaxing hypnotic induction (which itself may lessen the pain) that may take the client to a very peaceful place, the client is asked to talk to the pain and ask it what it wants. This step may evolve into a hypnotic regression to a time when the conscious mind and the subconscious were first in conflict about a particular matter. Of great importance is inviting the client to take control of his/her pain by imagining a dial which allows him/her to increase or decrease the pain at will. Facility in doing do, along with lots of suggestions about his power to choose and ability to relax, is a great asset in the self-hypnosis the client is taught to do on his own after the session.

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