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"If you are afraid [of surgery], mind-body techniques will give you ways to cope with your fears and actually feel peaceful during the hours, days and weeks before your operation. In turn, your calmness will improve your surgical outcome. "

- Peggy Huddleston

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster

Hypnotherapy with Surgical Patients


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Using hypnosis with surgical patients has been shown to reduce anxiety and to promote shorter hospital stays. After a thorough interview with the client about his or her worries over the upcoming surgery and the possible psychological reasons for those concerns, the hypnotherapist may suggest some regression or hypnotic parts therapy to deal with the fears. In addition, the client is taught how to take useful actions to reduce the worry. Instruction in self-hypnosis is also a vital part of this work. 

A pre-operative, hypnotic recording with suggestions for a positive mental attitude and the expectation of a complete recovery serves to calm the client awaiting surgery. During surgery, if possible, another recording stressing the safety of the body, the competency of the physicians, a belief in a fast recovery, etc. is played for the client through earphones. Still another recording after surgery offers the client suggestions, for instance, to comply with all medical regimens and to take healthful actions. Tutoring the client in Self Hypnosis for stress relief is also important.

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