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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$120.00 per person.




119 Rock Creek Ct

Frederick, MD 21702



Please call us at 301.526.2043 or send us an email.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Beliefs

Change your Life


Using Hypnosis, NLP and the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want!


Next Workshop:

To Be Announced

8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


In this intensive workshop, we will begin our work with some relaxation and suggestion hypnosis to condition ourselves to open to new paradigms about what it means to create our own reality.

Next, with the help of certain videos, Jane Robert's Seth Books, Abraham-Hicks explanation of the Law of Attraction and other resources, we will explore how we materialize our positive and negative thoughts.

As we move into the next section of the workshop, we will investigate and experience powerful ways to give up resistance to the Universal Energy that helps us create what we want. In doing so, we experience ourselves knowing deeply what we want, passionately asking for it, and allowing it to come to us.

Some of these resources will include hypnosis and Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), a helpful aid in changing old beliefs and anchoring new ones.

Writing exercises, large group and small group work, and general sharing will supplement the resources already cited.

Participants should bring a pad of paper and writing instruments, a chair-back if you have one (otherwise you will sit on the floor on one of our pillows), a pillow for your head and a blanket (for the hypnosis exercises), and a bag lunch. (We will not have time to visit restaurants in the area.) Refrigeration will be available. Bagels, butter, jam will be available during the morning. Fruit and nuts, and tea and instant coffee will be available throughout the day. 


"Well-Being is the basis of this Universe. Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is. It flows to you and through you. You have only to allow it....[You need to remember] who you really are so that you can get on with the creation of your life experience in the way you intended before you came forth into this physical body, and into this magnificent Leading-Edge experience...where you fully intended to express your freedom in endless, joyous, co-creative ways."

-- Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ask and It Is Given

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