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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$125.00 per hour



119 Rock Creek Ct.

Frederick, MD. 21702



Please call us at 301.526.2043 or send us an email.

Crystal Skull Readings


Next Workshop:

By Appointment During The Week.

Hourly from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.



I highly recommend a crystal skull reading with Joe. It was especially powerful for me because Joe does the reading without any preconceived questions or guidance…the reading is based on the patterns and images from the skull that resonate with him. After explaining the process clearly, Joe had me write down a question that I did not share with him. He was then guided to patterns, images and messages in the skull that he shared with me; he then asked if they resonated with me and my question. His words and the patterns he saw resonated deeply with a big transition that I was going through and helped me reframe some of the things I am struggling with and also working to create in my life. It was unbelievable how clearly the patterns and messages from the skull spoke to my reality and how clearly Joe articulated them. Joe’s deep knowledge and appreciation of skulls made the reading all the more powerful and fun! â

”S.B., Health Consultant


If anyone wishes to have a crystal skull reading with me, please contact me at or 301 526 2043. I can do the reading in person, on the phone, or by Skype. The divination will generally follow the process described below. A typical session lasts one hour at a cost of $125.00. In that time, a person may ask for skull wisdom with two or three questions, each directed to a different skull or to the same skull. If the individual is contacting me through a phone call, I will send the individual pictures before the session of various skulls; the person may then choose which skull(s) he or she wants me to use.


**To find out all you need to know about crystal skulls, please see the relevant post on my blog, You may also want to visit my website at

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