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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$120.00 per person.

A non-refundable check must be sent at least one week before the workshop to insure your place.

Limited to 12 participants. 




119 Rock Creek Ct

Frederick, MD 21702



Please call us at 301.526.2043 or send us an email.

Come join us and open to revelations

from your Divine Intuition! 

Divining the Soul: Divination Techniques

from Various Traditions


Next Workshop:

To Be Announced

8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.



What to Bring: Pillow, blanket, chair-back, and a bag lunch (there will not be time to go out for lunch). More info about what to bring will be furnished to those who sign up. Directions to the site will also be sent. 

What is Provided: bagels, tea, instant coffee, jam, cream cheese in the morning; fruit, nuts, cookies for an afternoon snack. 

Refrigeration and Microwave are available for the lunch you bring.

TO REGISTER: call Joe at 301 526 2043 or email him at A non-refundable check for $120.00 is required to ensure your place in the workshop.


Joe's Explorations in Consciousness Circle is a safe place to explore the tantalizing forms of new consciousness. Joe is an knowledgeable and inspired leader who communicates his regard and enthusiasm for this wisdom. I recommend this Circle to anyone who wants to enlarge his/her view of what is possible and be an evocateur of a more connected reality.

-- J.W., Director of Media and Strategic Alliances


Each "Explorations of Consciousness" evening, Joe begins by providing us with some point of departure. Overall, however, ours is an organic and ever- developing group process. Sometimes Joe throws out an occasional anchor: a didactic point here, an insight born of much study or experience there, or perhaps an analysis that cuts to the chase of a sharing or open discussion. Guided meditations and hypnotic experiences also serve as rich material to mine. I love our free form structure of individual and group exploration, a process that provides infinite and often surprising possibilities. Each one of us becomes an intrepid adventurer, a receptive and open witness, and a contributor.

--S.M., Writer, Freelance Consultant


Working with Joe over the past nine years has been the most valuable gift I have ever given has been a wonderful journey of self discovery and has allowed me to move forward in my life to places that I never dreamed possible. The three-session workshop just completed was another fine example of what is waiting ahead to be discovered about myself and how to have magic in my life. Sitting in circle like-minded people is a true honor. Thank you, Joe, and I'm looking forward to the next three!!!

--T.N., An Open-minded, Everyday Individual


The Explorations Circle is a great opportunity to grow spiritually without the context of religion. It's an opportunity to listen to and express opinions on life in a safe and welcoming environment. Spending time with other spiritual individuals is a great step out of daily work life. Every month I look forward to the meetings!!

-- A.S. Project Manager


Every meeting with Joe is an adventure in discovery. I've done a number of Joe's classes and workshops, and I always come away with a sense of awe. The lessons learned from Joe (and the other "students") continue to reverberate through my life and leave me wanting to come back for more.

--M.M. Systems Engineer.


The Explorations in Consciousness Weekend challenged my beliefs about what our 'selves' really are. Being able to see my 'self' from the perspective of future, past, and counterpart selves helped me touch my own uniqueness. I felt safe enough to stop the chatter of my conscious mind and allow my inner self to speak clearly and act freely. As usual, Joe pushes the envelope when designing distinctive and challenging personal growth experiences and, yet, maintains safety and acceptance within the group dynamic.

--C.Z., Data Warehouse Architect 

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