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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$120.00 per person.

(Nonrefundable and due before the start of the workshop)




119 Rock Creek Ct

Frederick, MD 21702



Please call us at 301.526.2043 or send us an email.

Explorations in Consciousness:

A Day-Long Workshop on the Chakras


Next Workshop:

To Be Announced

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


In this introductory workshop, we will first delve into the history and nature of the seven chakras, paying some attention to the differences in various traditions. Then we will focus on one chakra at a time to understand its qualities and functions, as well as its connection to all the other chakras. Along the way we will use color, sound, crystals, meditation and hypnotic visualizations to access and realign each chakra. We will also engage in learning how to consciously open and close the chakras and how to cleanse them.

Participants should be grounded in this life, meaning that they use what they learn to enhance their lives and those of others in this incarnation. Anyone who wishes to participate, but who has not attended one of my other workshops, will need to have a brief phone conversation with me to make sure the workshop is the right fit for him or her. This is not group therapy. Moreover, the information provided in this workshop is not intended in any way to replace professional medical diagnosis, advice or treatment.

WHAT TO BRING: small pillow, blanket, bag lunch (no time to go to a restaurant), pen, pad 
WHAT IS PROVIDED: bagels, tea, instant coffee, jam, cream cheese in the morning; fruit, nuts, cookies for an afternoon snack. 
REFRIGERATION and MICROWAVE available for your lunch.

TO REGISTER: call Joe at 301 424 5390 or email him at

Testimonials for Other Venues of Explorations in Consciousness 

Joe's Explorations in Consciousness Circle is a safe place to explore the tantalizing forms of new consciousness. Joe is an knowledgeable and inspired leader who communicates his regard and enthusiasm for this wisdom. I recommend this Circle to anyone who wants to enlarge his/her view of what is possible and be an evocateur of a more connected reality.-- J.W., Director of Media and Strategic Alliances
Each "Explorations of Consciousness" evening, Joe begins by providing us with some point of departure. Overall, however, ours is an organic and ever- developing group process. Sometimes Joe throws out an occasional anchor: a didactic point here, an insight born of much study or experience there, or perhaps an analysis that cuts to the chase of a sharing or open discussion. Guided mediations and hypnotic experiences also serve as rich material to mine. I love our free form structure of individual and group exploration, a process that provides infinite and often surprising possibilities. Each one of us becomes an intrepid adventurer, a receptive and open witness, and an contributor.

--S.M., Writer, Freelance Consultant


Working with Joe over the past nine years has been the most valuable gift I have ever given has been a wonderful journey of self discovery and has allowed me to move forward in my life to places that I never dreamed possible. The three-session workshop just completed was another fine example of what is waiting ahead to be discovered about myself and how to have magic in my life. Sitting in circle like-minded people is a true honor. Thank you, Joe, and I'm looking forward to the next three!!!

--T.N., An Open-minded, Everyday Individual


The Explorations Circle is a great opportunity to grow spiritually without the context of religion. It's an opportunity to listen to and express opinions on life in a safe and welcoming environment. Spending time with other spiritual individuals is a great step out of daily work life. Every month I look forward to the meetings!!

-- A.S. Project Manager


Every meeting with Joe is an adventure in discovery. I've done a number of Joe's classes and workshops, and I always come away with a sense of awe. The lessons learned from Joe (and the other "students") continue to reverberate through my life and leave me wanting to come back for more.

--M.M. Systems Engineer.


The Explorations in Consciousness Weekend challenged my beliefs about what our 'selves' really are. Being able to see my 'self' from the perspective of future, past, and counterpart selves helped me touch my own uniqueness. I felt safe enough to stop the chatter of my conscious mind and allow my inner self to speak clearly and act freely. As usual, Joe pushes the envelope when designing distinctive and challenging personal growth experiences and, yet, maintains safety and acceptance within the group dynamic.

--C.Z., Data Warehouse Architect


Joe Mancini's workshop allowed me to imagine "other lives" and thus discover different aspects of myself that were hidden away in my suconscious. The structure was both fun and culminating in the integration of all those lives I had imagined. I there on a real, natural high; and I am still processing the insights that came from that weekend. But I am not surprised at the value gained from working with Joe, for he is a truly insightful facilitator of individual and group processes and an inventive leader of transformative events.

--E. R., Nurse


Consciousness exploration is not a typical weekend activity for a busy manager. But being open to new options in the power of the mind has proved a productive and useful pursuit for me with Joe Mancini. The workshop opened access to new areas of brainspace which have enhanced my intuitive and creative powers, while reducing over-analyzing and random judgments. I have always been told that we only use 10of our brain capacity. This workshop has given me the means to double that utility. As someone who interacts with powerful people all the time, I find that my work with Joe has improved my confidence, insight, intuitive powers and my ability to connect people of all genders, ages and backgrounds. I have found my interaction more authentic and grounded. This course is one more new and very powerful method in the work I have done with Joe over the years.

--L.B., VP, Federal Govt. Relations for Major Professional Services Firm.


Through one of the many ingenious exercises in the weekend, I figuratively (or was it literally?) stepped into the shoes of several other people I met while under hypnosis, people facing similar issues as I am, but who deal with them vastly differently. For a short time, I took on their thoughts, their feelings, even their bodies. Skeptical, I wondered how I could ever benefit from this brief relationship with imagined people so unfamiliar and foreign to me. But stepping so effectively and intimately into the "other" actually helped me recognize more of myself; for I saw immediately how several, long-denied emotions and possibilities for self expression became instantly available to my psyche for the first time, perhaps since childhood, perhaps ever. What an awakening! I was astounded at how relevant and powerful this experience was for me. I will never forget it. Next time, it could be your turn. You won't regret it!

--S.M., Writer/Consultant


The Exploration of Consciousness weekend was an incredible experience! At times I felt like I was coming out of the clouds and seeing a clear sky for the very first time. Having taken this wonderful journey has broadened my horizons to an incredible and miraculous level. As a result This voyage has had profoundly positive effects on my relationships with my family, friends and the employees I lead. Joe and Liz, are an incredible team, who, with their vast wisdom and love, have helped me see life in a completely new and beautiful way.

--S.F., Federal Government Supervisor


For me, Joe's workshop was a subtle, yet effective tool in creating what I want for my life. A week after my experience at Joe's retreat I had breakthroughs in two areas of my life. One was my relationship and the other my health. I highly recommend Joe as a facilitator for you to reach your goals.

--L.E., Internet Entrepreneur


Imagine being guided into a trance state, a type of light sleep akin to lucid dreaming, in which you remember your experiences in great detail. Imagine letting your subconscious delve into lost, forgotten, hidden, repressed, neglected parts of your psyche, your memory, your ideas and fantasies, your emotions, your past and possibly your future. Imagine examining, reflecting upon, analyzing, learning from what you see in your mind's eye during your trance. Imagine understanding what you do, need, want, feel, believe in. Imagine shaping your future self based on these experiences and insights. And imagine doing so seven times in two days, in a secure circle of like- minded soul journeyers, guided by the sure hand of Joseph Mancini, magician extraordinaire, mentor, guru, student of the inner arts. That was my awesome experience of the Explorations In Consciousness weekend!

--J.Z., O.D. Specialist

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