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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$65.00 per person.




119 Rock Creek Ct

Frederick, MD 21702



Please call us at 301.526.2043 or send us an email.

Come Explore More of Who You Really Are (and Were)!

A Group Past Life Regression Workshop


Next Workshop:

December 5, 2015

12:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Past-life regression, like most hypnotic work, can be achieved in a light-to-moderate trance state. You are in control of what happens; and you will remember most, if not all, of the experience. Sometimes a person might fall asleep, but the unconscious is still doing its work, and the imagery may appear later in a dream or waking dream.


We will start with a brief lecture on hypnosis and past-life regression. Then we will call in the spirits, angels, guides that protect the process for everyone. Next, participants will be invited to go through a process that relaxes mind and body so each person can more easily enter a past life. Once there, each participant will encounter events involving the positive experience relevant to the present incarnation. After encountering these events, each person will move through his or her death in that life, learning what decisions were made at that point that may be manifesting positively or negatively in the present incarnation. The passage through death into the interlife involves analysis and reflection about the life just ended. Each person then designs actions steps based on the acquired knowledge, steps that he or she wants to take in the present incarnation for the enhancement of the individual and all others he or she encounters. Group sharing will conclude the session.


The key to success is inviting your critical mind to step aside temporarily, trusting your first impressions, and suspending judgment and analysis until the appropriate time. Letting go of control and expectations will enhance the experience. Simply receive the streams of information even if you think you are making it all up.


The only requirements are that you 1) must be open to the possibility of past lives as a reality or at least a very important metaphor, and 2) that you promise yourself that you will process whatever information you receive and act on it to enhance your life and the lives of those you meet in this incarnation. Also, anyone whom I do not know may have to have a phone consultation with me and/or fill out a questionnaire a day or two before the session.

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