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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$110.00 per person.




119 Rock Creek Ct

Frederick, MD 21702



Please call us at 301.526.2043 or send us an email.

Come join us for a fun filled day

HypnoDrama: A Day of Improvisational Fun!


Next Workshop:

To Be Announced

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The two primary tools we use in HypnoDrama are hypnosis and improvisation. At the beginning of the workshop, after a brief check-in from everyone, Joe will lead participants into a light hypnotic trance to help loosen inhibitions, tap intuition and creativity, and initiate the group mind that will provide amazing insights for healing work. 

Then Joe will lead the group into some physical improv that is not taxing and will help individuals use their bodies for expressive awareness. Other improv exercises, including using outrageous hats, offer more experience in releasing rigidities of mind, body, and spirit while offering many opportunities for uproarious laughter!!

In the afternoon, we will engage in one or more hypnodramas, each focussing on how the group, using improv and the group mind, can help an individual improvise solutions to one of his or her problemss and possibly adopt a new, positive characterization of himself or herself. Before and after the work, Joe will invite the individual to use hypnosis, first to relax him or her and then to future pace the positive outcome into his or her actual life. 


  • FEE: $110.00 per person

  • NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS (Minimum: 10 - Maximum: 15) 

  • TIME: 8:30 am. to 4:30 pm.

  • DATE: To be Announced

  • LOCATION: 119 Rock Creek Ct, Frederick, MD 21702

  • WHAT TO BRING:  Bag Lunch (microwave available) 

  • WHAT IS OFFERED:  Morning: Tea, fruit juice, bagels, jam, cream cheese - Afternoon: Fruit, nuts 


Joe Mancini, Ph.D., CCHt, LBLt., PLt., CRT., M.S.O.D. formerly a professor of literature and a traditional therapist, is now a business coach and consultant and a certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in spiritual hypnosis. He has also been an international radio talk show host focussing on past lives on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel. In his passion for the creative arts, he has used poetry therapy, art therapy, and dream enactment to help individuals get out of rigid belief systems and find their own creative abilities. He has also studied acting at the Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory in Washington, D.C. For a list of Joe's many other certifications in many helping modalities, see his full bio at


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