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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$120.00 per person.



119 Rock Creek Ct.

Frederick, MD. 21702



Please call us at 301.526.2043 or send us an email.

Spiritual Journeying and Healing

with Crystal Skulls


Come join Us for ways to increase your awareness of your multidimensional soul!


Next Workshop:

To Be Announced

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Some researchers even believe that Crystal Skulls are the equivalent for the ancients of modern day computers; both have the ability to store and retrieve information. (And crystal quartz chips are essential to modern day electronics.) In fact, the Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls says that when all thirteen of the ancient skulls are found and united, the world, especially during major global upheaval, will benefit from their synergistic knowledge.

Crystal skulls are also used today, and have been used for thousands of years, for healing of self and others. Numerous researchers and psychics, such as F.R. 'Nick' Nocerno, Joshua Shapiro, Kathleen Murray, David Childress, Stephen Mehler, Chris Morton, Ceri Thomas, Sandra Bower and Patrician Mercier, have experienced themselves (or discovered others who have experienced) physical, mental or emotional healing, as well as awakenings to higher consciousness through the mediation of crystal skulls.

What We Will Be Doing

After we activate the skulls with light and sound, each participant will work with a lemon-sized, clear crystal skull to do a number of exercises, including :

  • self-healing;

  • healing of others;

  • accessing scenes from past, future or parallel lives;

  • accessing messages from guides/angels via the skull or directly from the wisdom of the skull itself; and

  • other exercises possibly suggested by the skulls themselves!

We will engage in as many of these adventures as time permits.

Because quartz is an amplifier of energy, each participant will also use his or her crystal skull in conjunction with other, larger or smaller skulls carved from other stones, ranging from amethyst, smoky quartz and citrine to charoite, chalcedoney and sodalite. Each of these other stones has its own frequencies and healing properties that can be magnified when associated with clear quartz.

At various moments throughout the workshop, participants will also learn:

the history of the renewed interest in crystal skulls;
the controversies about the origin of some of the purported ancient skulls, particularly the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull;
the versions of the Legend of the 13 Crystal skulls;
the meanings of the skull image;
the way skulls are classified; and
the styles in which they are carved (pictures available).

Participants will receive and keep a handout giving lots of information about crystals skulls, including where you can purchase your own crystal skulls and accessories. 

Come join us for a fun-filled, fascinating and self-expanding experience!


1) All skulls will be retuned to Joe at the end of the workshop. All skulls are to remain in the workshop room at all times. Each participant must agree to handle the skulls with great care, since each is unique and thus irreplaceable and ranges in value from $40.00 to several hundreds of dollars. I will give instructions on how to safely pick up and hold the skulls.

2) This workshop is psycho-educational and is not meant in any way to replace any psychiatric or medical consultation or intervention.

Pad, Pen, Pillow, Small Blanket, Special Snacks, Bag Lunch.

Morning: Tea, Bagels, Butter, Cream Cheese, Jam, Juice
Afternoon:  Tea, Fruit, Nuts, Cookies

Directions will be provideed after you have registered

Testimonials for Joe's Crystal Skull Workshop

Until recently, I thought crystal skulls to be uninteresting and, I must admit, a bit "creepy." However, I have now had the absolutely wonderful experience of viewing and opening to Joe's startlingly gorgeous collection and working with a most beautiful Crazy Lace Agate skull. As I was appreciating the multicolored skulls in Joe's vast array, I unexpectedly felt drawn to touching the lovely white and tan, Crazy Lace Agate skull. As I held that skull, along with a clear quartz one, against my heart, I felt quite calm, at peace and comfortable, with the companionship of these skulls. Then, in response to my inquiry to the skulls about my future love life, I was surprised to see suddenly a fleeting image of myself, walking along a sidewalk, hand in hand with a man, a new partner! The warmth in my hands, that I had felt first when picking up the skull, persisted even after I had placed the skull back on the board with its companions. As a result of this experience, I perceive the skulls as a totally safe, welcome and fruitful way to explore any of my pressing concerns!

--M.L.M., Teacher


In the most positive and loving environment, Joe, with the assistance of crystal skulls, created a fantastic evening of Explorations in Consciousness.
After we grounded ourselves and then activated the skulls with light and also sound from a heart chakra crystal bowl, we each chose to work with a clear quartz skull, as well as one other from the great collection of very colorful skulls. In the best exercise, the energies of the beautiful, clear quartz and smokey quartz skulls that I had picked sent me on a fantastic spiritual journey, literally transporting me to a place of discovery that was absolutely fascinating; that place revealed new dimensions of my inner world and helped me to see the outer world in an unbelievably new way!

--S.F., V.A. Frontline Supervisor


Frankly, I wanted to run when the skulls were unveiled. But I reminded myself that the Divine is omnipresent and that, when Joe pushes my limits, there is often something amazing on the other side. Wishing for insight on the lack of a love life, I picked up the clear crystal skull to see what I could see. At first, I grumbled about its fractures and cloudy regions and the fact that I wasn't seeing anything else. But, after a while, I relaxed and came to appreciate the crystal as it was and see the beauty in it. Then the answer I had sought hit me: as with my initial reaction to the skull, I had been way too critical about potential lovers; and I could benefit from appreciating them as they were. But was I going to have to compromise and expect less? I got my second answer when Joe asked us to pick up another skull from his large and varied collection to see what we could learn from its mineral essence. I was drawn to a small one, which I soon learned was made from a meteorite--a stone that heralds the exciting advent of a Divine event. It was thus a very powerful session!

-D.L., Communications Expert


I was curious and also a bit nervous before the session and had a headache. But, once I entered the experience, I loved it! I felt a lot of positive energy, and my headache disappeared after only 20 minutes! I also chose--without knowing at first its metaphysicial and healing qualities--the "right" skull to work with; as a result, I felt so peaceful and calm, not only during, but also after the session. That was exactly what I needed that day. A very nice experience in a great group. I am now considering buying some crystal skulls for myself!

-M.F., Lawyer


Physically holding on to the clear quartz skull during the hypnosis session felt very helpful. After we completed the session, I realized how much I had utilized the skull as part of the process. The essense of my experience was that it helped me to stay "here" in my body more deeply and yet go "there" into my subconscious as well. I continued to hold the skull in my hand while I journaled about the experience. As a result, I felt that the skull assisted in bringing new awareness to me, access to the learning from the session forward and out into application in my life.

--J.L., Business Consultant & Chief Potential Officer


The words "crystal skulls" always brought to my mind the Indiana Jones movies - nothing but fiction. How wrong I was! Real crystal skulls not only are beautiful, but also are powerful wells of healing energy and knowledge and, certainly, are nothing frightening. You will be amazed by how you will feel drawn to a certain skull, and once you read about the qualities inherent in that type of crystal, you will understand what may have been lacking in your life and will also know that working with this skull can help you to acquire it. Energy work is not "hokey" or witchcraft. These crystals come from the earth, hold knowledge of the ages and are perfectly willing to share it with anyone who is interested. They are quite effective in helping someone heal emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually. This workshop was true evidence of that. Those in my workshop came from varied geographical areas and backgrounds, but I can say with certainty that all of us parted ways as better, more joyful people. Joe's collection is extraordinary, and he is a knowledgeable and gifted facilitator. Do not hesitate to sign up for this one - I guarantee that there is something in this for everyone!

--K.S., Director of Data Quality/Coding


Joe’s workshop, Spiritual Healing & Journeying with Crystal Skulls, was truly a wonderful and surprising experience! While I have a few crystal skulls of my own, I did not know how to work with them, and I did not know what to expect when I arrived for the day. Each and every exercise that Joe led us through brought about some fun and interesting information from the skulls that I worked with, as well as from the Skull Cards. My favorite moment was when a Skull Card I had chosen, “The Lotus,” referred back to an exercise earlier that morning where I had envisioned a lotus flower blossoming, an image of great significance to my current life! I look forward to using what I’ve learned to delve further into the knowledge that the skulls contain, while gaining their assistance in spiritual and healing work.

--APG, Photographer


When I came to crystal skull workshop, I did not know what to expect; I just knew and experienced Joe Mancini in other venues as a fascinating and enlightening teacher and healer. In this crystal skull workshop, he showed up once again in those roles, utilizing the skulls’ ancient wisdom, power and deeply spiritual significance to help us tune into our depths. The crystal skull workshop revealed to me another medium through which to discover within me my heartfelt voice and wisdom that are always present and genuinely accessible, even when my conscious mind does not think so. Thanks, Joe, for facilitating the crystal skulls’ partnership with our souls, a connection that heightens and quickens our souls’ messages and healings.

--L.G., Sales & Marketing


My girlfriend, nephew, and I were looking forward to Joe's class, but my husband had to take my girlfriend’s place, with great results for him! I work with skulls in my healing practice, so Joe was kind enough to allow six of my skulls to be among his. The class was amazing! At first I thought I couldn't hear my skull’s name; and then, as I heard the wind blow outside, I must have relaxed so that I could hear my skull telling me his name was Whisper! And he added, “I will whisper secrets to you.” My whole theme of the day through all the exercises was Egypt--it was beautiful seeing that synchronization as the day unfolded! I especially loved the exercise where I did a skull reading for another person. When doing any kind of reading, I always get nervous that I won't get any information for that person. Each of us had to pick one of Joe's “busy-looking” (lots of swirls and images on the surface) skulls to do the reading. I started seeing things in my skull while my partner silently repeated within her mind the question she wanted answered. I was happy that what I saw did answer her question! She also answered my question in turn by scrying the beautiful tiger iron skull she had picked. I really enjoyed our group, and the day flew by quickly! As a result, I am looking forward to more classes with Joe. The class can be “dangerous,” though—the experience seems to encourage the buying of skulls: later, my nephew bought 10 new skulls, I bought 5 new skulls, and I'm sure others from the class bought skulls for the first time. It is unfortunate that some people look at crystal skulls in a negative way, for these skulls are very positive, very spiritual and have material links to ancient times. My skulls are like family to me. Thank you, Joe, for a very beautiful and spiritual day with all the skulls that were present. Blessings! 

--S.S., Radiology Support Associate


Little did I know that I was to take the place of my wife’s girlfriend at Joe’s Crystal Skull Workshop—but the Divine is always correct about who should be present!!
I was amazed that my theme of the day throughout all of the exercises I participated in was love. Also amazing was that, although in group settings I am very, very shy, I was the first to raise my hand when Joe asked if anyone wanted to share his first experience with his or her skull. And, throughout the day, I found myself raising my hand to share. My wife was so proud of me, and I was, too! It was like my spiritual “coming out” party. I have Joe and the skulls to thank for this transformation of my being!

--G.S., Security Guard


Joe's Crystal Skull Workshop was far more enlightening and intriguing than I had imagined. Initially, I thought we would be using the skulls simply as "shamanistic" divination tools to receive guidance. But my expectations for the workshop were far exceeded. Joe's vast knowledge of crystal skulls, their history and their uses, allowed us to explore their potential in a myriad of fun and creative methodologies. I had no idea crystal skulls could be used in so many different ways; nor did I, in any shape or form, realize the intrinsic and immense power of the crystal skulls just waiting to be tapped. Joe's immense understanding of crystal skulls and their uses, coupled with his talented guidance and facilitation of powerful activities made this workshop quite simply fantastic! Once properly tuned in to them, I was shocked by how much guidance for myself (that was totally right on!) I was given by the crystal skulls, and how much guidance I was able to provide to others through the use of the crystal skulls.

--L.B., Ph.D.

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