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Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.



$100.00 per Person.



119 Rock Creek Ct.

Frederick, MD. 21702



Please call us at 301.526 2043 or send us an email.

Yin Yoga and Past-Life Regression


Come join Us for a Very Unique Experience!


The Workshop:

We will begin the workshop with a check-in in which participants will be asked to share briefly what brought them to this workshop. Then Joe will discuss hypnosis in general and past-life regression (PLR) in particular. (We expect that participants will have read the email handout on PLR so that we can focus mostly on questions during the workshop discussion). Machelle will follow by sharing the core premises of Yin Yoga and its beneficial effects on the body-mind-spirit.

After a short break for refreshments and set-up, Machelle will lead the group in Yin Yoga exercises for about an hour. Following a restroom break and time for adjusting the set-up, Joe will engage the group in a past-life regression to a life in which the individual experienced a profound, positive relationship with his or her body-mind-spirit, the remembrance of which may provide healing of any and perhaps all levels, as well as more enhanced embodiment and centeredness in the current life. At the end of the regression, participants will be invited to write down their experiences and then to share them in dyads. Joe and Machelle will facilitate whole-group sharing of some of the experiences. 

We will then have one more break for refreshments, followed by group sharing about members' experiences of the workshop as a whole and about the similarities between the two disciplines and the synergistic effect of their combination. The workshop will conclude with a brief check-out.

Testimonials for Yin Yoga and Past-Life Regression


What a lovely, enlightening day. Joe and Machelle created a warm, safe, sacred space to relax and explore our subconscious world. The Yin Yoga was a perfect beginning to bring the mind and body to a relaxed, open state ready for hypnosis and Past Life Regression.  With Joe's expert guidance I learned so much from my personal journey and the sharing of others.  I look forward to more explorations with these caring, skillful practitioners.  

-                                                                                  --Judy. Retired Special Education Teacher, now Yoga Teacher


This workshop, co-created by Dr. Joe Mancini and Machelle Lee, proved to be a wonderfully powerful experience.  Unlike the more common, muscular Yang Yoga, Yin features long, slow, sustainable poses that stretch the connective tissues of the body and make more accessible the emotions and memories and makes them stored in those tissues.  Experiencing this relaxing practice, participants more easily tapped the information the subconscious wishes to reveal in the form of stories, images, and past lives.


Machelle is very skilled at guiding the group through Yin Yoga, making sure everyone is comfortable in the poses and receiving maximum benefit from them.Joe is a master at hypnotic, guided journeys.  He also has a unique ability to listen to a person’s past-life story and zero in on the core issue and how it is relevant in the person’s current life.  


This was such an enjoyably enlightening experience that, soon after, I scheduled a private past-life regression with Joe, which also proved to be incredibly powerful in my quest to unleash my full creative potential.

                                                                                               --B.S.., Earth Science OutReach, Yoga Teacher-in-training


Testimonials for Joe's Past-Life Regression Workshops:

I first came to see Joe for a past-life regression, but I soon found that this was the tip of the iceberg in terms of his spiritual experience and expertise. While the effect of several PLRs was unexpected and incredibly useful (the postive change in my outlook and sense of well-being was dramatic, immediate and noticeable to friends and family), I found his wisdom and depth of knowledge about the great spiritual issues of life to be eye-opening and liberating. My views of why I am here, my relationship to god, my soul's purpose in in this life, have been deepened and clarified in ways I could never have imagined. Joe intuitively steers people to what they need to know, identifying and lightening their burden of fears and anxieties. he is a great teacher, an enlightened soul, and a leader.

--L.B., Former Government Official.

Joe, I am beyond words for how appreciative I feel for your generosity and brilliance! The PLR was an integral part of the experience with you. It's clear that you are masterful in your work and that you get huge joy from the connections you make for others. It was such a gift to have you with us, and that session was remarkable. I am still feeling the impact of the debrief that we went through for powerful this work is!!! I especially loved how you honored the ego's place in life and how you accentuated the importance of including every bit of didn't let us spill a drop and that proved to be essential to the breakthroughs we were experiencing. Unbelievable how you knew what and where to dig in further. IThe process was magical and obviously supported by Spiirt. Thank you again for the love and the sharing!!!!.

--Jacki Lesser, Chief Potential Officer at Creating Impact, LLC


I wasn't sure if I'd experiene anything at my first PLR session with Joe, but I kept an open mind, and, would you believe--I did!! Joe has a gift of making you feel welcome and at ease; and, with his patience and guidance, he was able to help my subconscious mind relinquish some of its secrets. Imagine my surprose when, after the session, I was able to validate portions of my PLR journey with documented history! The mind is so complex, and having someone with Joe's talents to assist in making sense of it all made my first PLR session a truly wonderful experience! Thank you, Joe!

--Z.B., Executive Assistant, Canadian Govt.


Testimonials for Machelle's Yin Yoga Classes:

Through inner work, a quest for emotional truth, and a sincere devotion to yoga, Machelle has developed aunique, profoundly transformational ability to both see and mirror the inner beauty of those around her. Machelle carefully cultivates an emotionally safe space for students to explore their inner psyche. The journey begins to bring to light archetypal struggles and shadow selves which Machelle expertly teaches students how to work with through meditation, yoga, and spiritual practice. Machelle's natural wit and amazing intuitive abilities supports a journey that is deeply gratifying and keeps us returning for more.

--Christine Rutherford, South Bend, IN


In over 20 years of yoga practice and teaching, having worked with many yoga teachers across the country, including several who are nationally recognized, I consider Machelle Lee to be one of the very best. She understands and conveys clearly the physical aspects of yoga, as well as important information from essential and closely allied areas that include a wide range of philosophical, psychological, and historical disciplines.I have taken class with Machelle regularly and always leave her class a better yoga practitioner and teacher and, I hope, a better person for the experience. I recommend her kind, attentive, and wise instruction to anyone and everyone anyone and everyone.

--Frank Thomas, Olney, MD


I am both a student of yoga and a yoga teacher (RYT200). I have studied yin yoga with Machelle Lee, have introduced her work to other students and yoga teachers.In my experience, Machelle stands out as a yoga teacher in a number of ways. She is extremely knowledgeable about yoga, and has studied yin yoga in depth, and teaches it with great skill, warmth, and generosity.Because of her many interests, depth of knowledge, and capacity for integrating all that she has studied, Machelle has developed a teaching style that is quite lovely and very particular to her. Having observed and studied with quite a variety of yoga teachers, I would say Machelle Lee stands out in the breadth and depth of her knowledge, the warmth and accessibility with which she teaches, the humor and humility she brings to her teaching, and her deep appreciation of the variety of students' body types and psychological make-up. She engenders the trust, enthusiasm and loyalty of a very wide range of yoga students and teachers.

--Stephanie Koenig, Silver Spring, MD


Joe's Bio:
See link to his bio on home page.


Machelle's Bio:

Machelle is a certified and registered yoga instructor, massage therapist, and has earned a masters degree in mythology and depth psychology. Since 1991, Machelle has led therapeutic movement and hatha yoga demonstrating the complementary intersections of asana and Chinese meridian theory as a form of self-acupressure. In tending the physical body, Machelle weaves ancient yoga teachings with modern scientific research on the health and rehabilitation of muscle, connective tissues, and joints. In tending the psyche, sheinfuses storytelling, poetry, and modern psychology through Vinyasa and Yin Yoga practices in a creative and grounded approach to self development. For a more extensive rendition of Machelle's bio, please go to her website,


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