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"In discovering their immortality, LBL clients see an unbroken life of succession in their existence. This gives them an understanding of their place in the continuity of life, death, and rebirth. Despite their current circumstances, people leave...[the session] knowing they have a permanent home in the afterlife--a place of love, peace, and forgiveness with hightly advanced beings who care about them."


-Michael Newton, Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL)

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LBL therapy was first formulated by hypnotherapist Michael Newton. After a few years working on his own, he joined with Allan and Dee Chips, my teachers, to create a training course for hypnotherapists in LBL therapy. Though Newton now has his own Michael Newton Institute, the National Association of Transpersonal Therapists (NATH) run by Allan and Dee continues in Newton's tradition. 

This process enables the individual to get a very clear understanding of some of the contracts he or she made with self and others in coming into the present incarnation. The general process is as follows, though, as usual, the subconscious makes the final decision about how it is to go, i.e., in what order or even whether all the various venues will be visited, and generally what transpires. Each
journey has unique characteristics in form and substance. 

The Process:

Interview and discussion with hypnotherapist about the client's Cast of
Characters and Personal Objectives for the Session.
Induction and deepening
Brief regression to one or more scenes from childhood in this life
Brief time in mother's womb
Brief regression to most recent past life, one or two scenes
Death Scene in that past life
Crossing Over into the Spirit World
The Gateway
Orientation (including rest if necessary) and Meeting With Primary Guide
Meeting with Soul Group (and perhaps Cluster Group)
Meeting with Council
Visit to Various Schools or other places important to the soul
Pre-Birth Planning and Body Selection (for current life)
Emergence from Hypnosis
Debriefing and integration of insights into client's current life.

As already indicated, the client's soul may not follow the outline above, either in terms of the sequence of events, the "time" spent in each location, or the number of locations visited. Sometimes during the Interlife itself, it may be necessary (usually on the advice of the Council) to visit still another past life for knowledge and healing. As with other kinds of trips to the Spirit World, the client can repeat the LBL session and get still more info. One of my teachers has done just that 4 times with great results!


The client is requested to bring a written list of the Cast of Characters (people, positive or "negative," known in this life who have had a significant impact upon the client) and a short list (5 or fewer) of personal objectives (what the client wants to know from the InterLife experience). The list of the Cast of Characters is used by the hypnotherapist to help the client identify souls in the Spirit World (i.e., past life or Interlife) who might be incarnating in the client's current lifetime; it is possible, however, as in the LBL I conducted with one of my colleagues, that the client will not meet at this time any of the Cast of Characters in the Spirit World. 

As for the client's objectives, the Council and/or the Guides may not grant the client information about some or all of his or her objectives or about other aspects of the journey in the coming (this) life. In those cases, such information given at this time might interfere in some way with the client's chosen path. 

These sessions range from 3 to 5 hours (rarely, but sometimes, 6 hours). I charge by the hour at $100.00 per hour. If you want the session recorded, you must bring your own recording equipment. I recommend a digital voice recorder that can record up to 6-7 hours. I cannot change cassette tapes or do anything else with any recorder because I must devote full attention to what is unfolding during the process. 

NOTE: LBL is a spiritual modality and thus is not intended in any way to replace professional medical or psychological diagnosis, advice or treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat any medical or psychological condition. Consult your doctor or mental health professional before consulting with me.

Highlights from My Own Story:

As I said, each session is unique in some ways: my subconscious, for instance, deemed it appropriate that I did NOT spend time in my mother's womb; however, when I got to the Interlife, I spent more time than most would in one of the Schools, particularly because I wanted to know what was going on in it since it had appeared repeatedly in my dreams. I was told that the School had been appearing as a Spiritual Harvard in my dreams because Spirit wanted me to "get" how significant the Spirit School is...actually, the teaching is conducted "outdoors" in rural settings in the Spirit world. In addition, I was told that because the dream Harvard was a symbolic image rather than the "real" School, I was having a lot of trouble finding my "classroom" when in the dream. The other reason was that I was not just a student, but also a teacher in that realm and so was confused in my dream body where I was supposed to go and do there. Moreover, I was told that my coming work would probably involve improvisation again and that I would be teaching the client's earthly aspect and his/her soul aspect at the same time with conscious, real time communication between earthly aspect and soul. It is hard to explain, partly because I have much more to learn about it.


I just did a Life Between Lives session with Joe and all I can say is Wow!!!!. The experience was much deeper and more insightful than I could have imagined. Joe's gift of facilitation is a blessing to us all, and I highly recommend this type of work to anyone whose path calls him or her to look deeply within for a clearing or clarity to apply to today's life situations. What blew me away the most was the fact that my unconsious, if you want to use that term, was absolutely accessing the aspects of me that Joe guided me to. There was no way that my consious mind could have come up with what actually happened. The way I look at it is, the evidence is clear that with proper facilitation I can access and free anything that may be holding me back from being who I came here to be. Thank you Joe!!!!!

T.B., Real Estate Developer / Entrepreneur

My first LBL experience was akin to mining in a rich field! A wide variety of new personal insights come into focus for me, like large shiny nuggets, miraculously clear and available for leisurely and close examination. Neither my rational inquiring mind, nor therapy, nor previous hypnosis sessions had been sufficient to help me see and articulate what the LBL process brought to me in those few short hours. Joe and the LBL guided me down many fruitful paths! In a way nothing else has ever done before, the LBL has created a wealth of resources I can draw on in understanding significant patterns and influential people in my life.

S. M., Planner and Administrator

I had an opportunity to attend a LBL workshop with Joe in Nags Head, NC. Though I didn't know it at the time, I was grateful to learn that we would be working together during the experiential portion of the workshop. In the past, I have successfully regressed my clients, but have always had difficulty being regressed myself. Joe has the uncanny ability to quickly put you at ease. I was amazed at how effectively he addressed my doubts and quickly brought me to a depth sufficient for LBL work. Also, his assistance and positive energy during an "interesting" regression I did with another workshop participant, provided me with an invaluable learning opportunity. I look forward to attending some of his workshops in Maryland and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for deeper insights into themselves.

J.R., CMT, CHt.

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