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"Our experiences may well be more intense before birth than at any later time in life. If we are to understand ourselves, our motives and personal development, the study of our prenatal experiences is invaluable. These experiences profoundly affect our ability to love ourselves and others and to achieve what we desire in life. " 


- Michael Gabriel

How Your Womb Memories Have Shaped Your Life and How to Heal Them

Natal Regression

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In a Natal Regression, the individual is hypnotically regressed back to the period before she was born (called the Inter-Life), the point when she made plans for this life and picked the parents appropriate to prepare her for her mission. The client is next guided to the point when she is conceived, then to when her mother knows she is there, followed by when her mother tells her father (or doesn’t), next when she is in the first trimester, second trimester and the third trimester. Next in the progression is guidance to the first birth contractions, then to the movement through the birth canal and next into the first contact with light in the human world. The client is also asked to notice how she is treated and by whom shortly after birth and what contact with Mom and Dad (if he is present) is like. 

At each point in time, the client is asked questions to help her determine what is going on, what decisions (with positive or negative implications) she is making for the rest of her life, and what thoughts and feelings actually belong to others and which are truly her own. Other techniques help the client, for instance, “redo” the birth experience in a more positive light and thus plan for more affirmative changes in the client’s future. 

Despite our belief that we do not know what is happening in the womb, countless such regressions give the lie to that view. There is so much richness to this experience that sometimes, even within the usual two-hour period, the client may go through only one or two segments of the entire journey. As a result, many clients need to do several such regressions to get all the information that is available. Sharing and dialoguing with the hypnotherapist at the end of the session helps integrate the material into the individual’s life.

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