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"Arnold Mindell believes that symptoms are often dreams trying to come true and, furthermore, that the medicine is inherent in the symptom. If we ask our bodies what remedies they need--not just for the sake of curing our maladies, but also for healing our lives--they'll tell us. Symptoms are purposeful conditions. They could be the beginning of fantastic phases of life, or bring you amazingly close to the center of existence, or be a royal road to the development of the personality."

- Gregg Levoy, Callings



"We ground senseless symptoms in deeper reasons by leading those symptoms back to meaningful sources in the psyche. We are trying to find a home for our happenings. A symptom suffers most when it doesn't know where it belongs."

- James Hillman

The Force of Character

and the Lasting Life

"Your ideas about your own health are even more important than those steps you take to promote it." 


- Jane Roberts, The Way Toward Health

Pain Control/Management & Accelerated Healing 

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