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"Past-life therapy helps people to be more balanced and responsible, to gain emotional and spiritual maturity and a sense of their true worth. In some cases, the recall and therapy is so vibrant that it is like a total and complete spiritual release, followed by profound peace. "


- Henry Bolduc, The Journey Within

Past-Life Regression

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After the hypnotherapist uses the usual processes to help the individual into a protected trance, he may employ an affect bridge, among other techniques, to help the client gain access to a relevant past life. An affect bridge is created by asking the person in hypnosis to feel intensely the affect or emotion associated with the current issue. The subconscious then “travels” on this emotion as though it were a bridge to the appropriate past life. Once there in a fairly concrete way, the individual is guided through a series of significant events in that life, events that have particular meaning both within that life and within lives to come. 

Finally, the person is guided to the last moments before he or she dies; once the client is directed to go painlessly through his or her death, he or she enters into the God-Light of the Inter-life. There the individual connects to the SuperConscious or Divine wisdom, which will help him or her to make sense of the past-life events. And, by understanding decisions that he or she made at death and soon after and which affect the current life, the individual can see how these decisions are often based on misunderstandings and fears regarding the life just lived. 

These misunderstandings, fears, and decisions contribute largely to the Karma that follows us into one or more subsequent lives. But with the knowledge gained from examining the past-life, the individual can make whatever adjustments necessary to dissolve the Karma and enhance his present life. 

The topics of individual sessions are widely diverse, ranging from inquiring about a relationship issue to finding the source of a phobia or birthmark or “odd” physical sensation to researching and healing many dysfunctional patterns of thinking and feeling and behaving. 

The topics of group sessions are likely to be the following: seeking out a past life in which you meet a teacher whose influence affects your current incarnation, recovering a lost talent or enhancing a fledgling talent in this life, recollecting a generally positive life to give inspiration to the current one, seeking out connections among group members, and other such subjects.

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