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"There are [some personalities] who like to return when their contemporaries from some particular past historical time return again, and therefore there are group patterns that involve reincarnational cycles in which many, but not all, are involved….There is no rule that in each life you must meet again those whom you have known before; and yet through the nature of attraction, that is often the case. " 


- Seth, through Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks

Past-Life Regression for an Intact Group

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This is a rare event and may be only partially successful. In this process an intact group that senses that they have been together in a past life decide to do a group regression to that life. With some differences, including the way people are arranged physically and the way they are bonded during the induction, this group regression has some similarities to Couple’s Past-Life Regression. 

But the difficulty in getting everyone into the same lifetime at the same time in the same place increases exponentially with more than two people. Moreover, some group members might have been in the group in that lifetime for only a short time; others bonded now in the present group may have been more peripheral to the group in the past incarnation; etc. 

Nevertheless, a successful group regression can help explain issues for the current group and/or bond members even more closely with positive results for others with whom they interact in the present life.

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