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Hypnotherapeutic Possibilities Primarily For Individuals 
General Requirements


1. Clients must acknowledge that they are active participants in their own transformations, that their life-satisfaction depends on how well they care for themselves, and that they in fact create their own reality through their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. Clients must agree that they are responsible for co-creating their results in hypnotherapy.

2. To receive any hypnotherapeutic service, the client must first undergo an intake session to be sure that the service in question is appropriate for the client's goal. And Hypnotherapy itself may be contraindicated for some situations.

3. The client needs to be open to the tendency of the subconscious to override ones conscious agenda and take the client and the hypnotherapist into another area for exploration and resolution of issues.

4. The client must understand that, at times, more than one technique/service is necessary. (This website provides samples of the many techniques available.)

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