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Hypnosis for Business 
General Requirements


1. In the first step of the process, the Business Hypnotist invites the business leader, manager or team to engage in a thorough assessment of problems, resources, and goals. This may take one or two sessions. Problems may range from being stuck in or stymied by a critical business task to difficulty with time management to a leader's or team's inability to vision the next step of a strategic plan. Resources may include various forms of organizational support; the advice and modeling of colleagues, bosses, associated teams and other interested parties; and financial assets, as well as remembrance of past successes. Goals may range from relieving stress and augmenting capabilities to achieving fast results to developing leadership presence to building team rapport, focus and success. Engaging in this assessment is itself an intervention for leaders, managers and teams; for it helps clarify and concretize what needs to be done. 

2. When the Business Hypnotist works with teams, it is imperative that no member of the team be in any way coerced into participating. Coercion not only is unethical, but also promotes poor morale and inhibits the person(s) from even entering into a hypnotic state where he or she might expect to be controlled by others. 

3. Vitally important in business hypnosis, as in other hypnotic venues, is the individual's (or team's) commitment to the process. The individual must acknowledge that he or she (or they) is an active participant in his or her (or their) own transformations and is thus primarily responsible for the outcomes he or she (and they) create. 

4. Prospective participants in a business hypnosis session must accept the fact that hypnosis may be contraindicated in some instances. Furthermore, the leader or manager must understand that an assessment or the business hypnosis session itself may reveal the need for deeper therapeutic or hypnotic work to resolve the issue. In such cases, the leader will be given a number of options of how to proceed. 

5. Learning self-hypnosis is imperative in maintaining and advancing the gains from a session with a Business Hypnotist. Doing so allows the business client to practice and apply his or her learnings long after the formal session has ended.

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