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General Requirements


1. Clients must acknowledge that they are active participants in their own transformations, that their life-satisfaction depends on how well they care for themselves, and that they in fact create and therefore can change their own reality through their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. 

2. Clients are required to fill out an intake form before the session begins. In addition, the client and the facilitator have a discussion before engaging in any technique to ascertain what process or combination of processes is suitable for the issue the client brings. 

3. If what the person wants to do in an NLP session is deemed by the Practitioner to not be appropriate or not likely to produce deep and lasting results, the individual may be encouraged to do some other hypnotic work to clear out obstacles. 

4. In order for the client to get the optimum benefit from the session, it is important that he or she follow the Practitioner's instructions for any homework or practice.

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