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Transpersonal Hypnotherapeutic Possibilities For

Individuals, Couples & Groups 
General Requirements


1. Clients must acknowledge that they are active participants in their own transformations, that their life-satisfaction depends on how well they care for themselves, and that they in fact create their own reality through their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors.

2. Depending on what process they choose to experience, individuals must be open to the possibility that Past Lives or Future Lives or Parallel Lives or Counterpart Selves or the InterLife actually exist or at least constitute very important metaphors used by the psyche to change conscious intentions for the better. Anyone who firmly holds religious or other ideas that conflict with such concepts or metaphors are not likely to benefit from Transpersonal Hypnotherapeutic work.

3. Each individual must promise himself or herself that he or she will continue to process whatever information is received in order actively to enhance the present life and the lives of those she or he meets in this incarnation. Individuals who want to escape working on their current lives by focusing primarily on past lives, etc. are not suitable candidates for such sessions. 

4. Each person wanting an individual, Transpersonal Hypnotherapeutic session will first have a 50-minute session or two during which the client's relevant personal history, hypnotherapeutic experience, and current issues will be examined to be sure that the desired transpersonal experience is appropriate for the individual at that time. (Anyone seeking to explore the InterLife, Parallel Lives and Counterpart Selves must have already experienced several Past-Life Regressions and meet other criteria. This may also be true for an intact group that wants to regress its members to a past life common to all.) 

If what the person wants to do transpersonally in a hypnosis session is deemed not appropriate by the Hypnotherapist, the individual may be encouraged to do some Personal Hypnotherapy or other therapeutic work to prepare him or her for the deeper transpersonal work. This might involve, for instance, a session or two to help the client become used to and "conditioned" for the hypnotic state through visiting a sacred space; or the client might gain benefit from doing a regression to an earlier time in this life. 

Depending on their experience with transpersonal hypnotherapy, individuals who want to attend a group Transpersonal Hypnotherapeutic workshop (wherein each person goes to a past life different from those visited by others in the group) may be required to fill out a questionnaire and/or have a brief phone consultation with the hypnotherapist.

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