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Hypnotherapeutic Possibilities Primarily For Individuals 
Session Information


1. Hypnotherapy sessions can last as long as two hours or more, though some involving just suggestion work and some Hypnotic Dreamwork can take as little as one session. Sessions are billed by the hour.


2. The key to success with hypnosis is inviting your critical mind to step aside temporarily, trusting your first impressions, and suspending judgment and analysis until the appropriate time. Letting go of control and expectations will enhance the experience. Simply receive the information that comes to you, even if you think you are making it all up!.


3. Most hypnotherapy sessions begin with a relaxation or rapid induction and the deepening of the trance. Sometimes, depending on the process, the subconscious is asked through finger responses or a nod of the head whether it is appropriate for the individual to do the work and, if so, whether it is appropriate for the person actually to experience the emotions involved or simply watch from afar. For instance, the client may want to observe from a distance as his or her Child-self re-experiences a difficult childhood situation. If the session involves merely positive suggestions, the client will receive them and/or repeat them back aloud. If the session involves more complicated work, the individual's issue will be explored and processed through one or more of the Hypnotherapeutic modalities listed on this website and others not mentioned; the process usually ends with healing perspectives, post-hypnotic suggestions, and action steps for re-engaging the conscious world. After emergence from hypnosis, the client engages in a dialogue with the hypnotherapist to further ground, anchor, and integrate the experience with the person's waking life.


4. Most of these hypnotherapeutic processes take place in a light to moderate trance state. You are in control of what happens; and you will remember most, if not all, of the experience.


5. NOTE: Hypnotherapeutic sessions are often more complicated and richer in outcome than can be expressed in the short descriptions of hypnotic services listed on this website.


6. Anyone who is not a medical professional or certified hypnotherapist should NOT be practicing these services with others.

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