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Hypnosis for Business

Session Information


1. Hypnosis is a safe and effective method of harnessing the greater powers of the mind to enhance workplace productivity and develop leadership and managerial competencies. Individuals in hypnosis are in complete control of their process and will accept no instructions or suggestions that go against any of their values. They will also remember most if not all of what they experienced during the session. Usually, they will emerge from hypnosis feeling more alert, aware and alive, more refreshed, relaxed, and re-invigorated. 

2. All of the interventions listed in the Business Hypnosis section (as well as others) can be made when the participant is in a light to medium trance. A trance state is a simple, altered state of consciousness that allows direct access to the subconscious where patterns of operating in the workplace can be reprogrammed to work more effectively or be replaced with more functional ones. Trance states naturally and spontaneously arise in everyone several times during the day whenever any of us, for instance, is concentrating on a task, driving a car, doing meditation, and so on. Business Hypnosis simply harnesses a naturally occurring phenomenon and directs its productive use in the work


3. After one or more intake sessions, participants engage in one or several hypnosis sessions, depending on the targeted outcome. Sessions may last from one to three hours and the fee is charged accordingly. 

4. Many of the techniques listed in the Business Hypnosis section harness naturally occurring phenomena of everyday life. Time Expansion, for instance, often occurs when individuals are engaged in an unpleasant, boring experience, though some "peak" experience will also seem to unfold in slow motion. When individuals are mindful of a limited time to have fun, they will usually experience Time Contraction. 

Positive Illusion (seeing or otherwise sensing something that is actually not there) and Negative Illusion (not seeing or otherwise not sensing something that is actually present) are also quite normal occurrences. Ever lose your keys and suddenly find them in your hand where they have been all along or, after a few moments, find yourself no longer hearing an annoying sound (Negative Illusion)? Ever experience the comfort of a close friend beside you during a difficult time when that friend is actually not present (Positive Illusion)? 

Similarly, in our daydreams or when searching for answers from the past, we naturally engage in Age Regression. And, when we fantasize about the future, whether it be thinking of the presentation to come or a promotion coming up in the next month, we spontaneously use Age Progression. 

While some of these and other techniques may be used without hypnosis, their effectiveness is greatly intensified by a hypnotic trance. 

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