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"Dr. Edith Fiore speculates that nearly everyone at some time in their lives is plagued by some degree of spirit interference."


William J. Baldwin, Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Releasement Hypnotherapy (SRH)

Session Information   -   Requirements   -   Suggested Reading


SRH is based in the work of hypnotherapists such as William Baldwin, Irene Hickman, Louise Ireland Frey, Greg McHugh, and Anne Drucker. (The latter two were my teachers.) 

When an individual passes over, usually the soul follows the normal pathway into the Light. However, at times, the soul may become disoriented because the death of the body was sudden and traumatic. At other times, a sense of unfinished business, unresolved addictions, or lingering intense feelings of fear, rage, jealousy, shame or guilt, may keep a soul bound to the earth plane. A loved one who is still living may also exert a strong pull for the soul to stay around him or her. 

In any of these cases, the entity may linger on the earth plane for centuries, waiting to attach to a living person in a vain attempt to satisfy its needs through that person. While there are other energies that may also attach, the most frequent are the earth-bound entities just discussed. (Sometimes a soul that is a past-life counterpart of a currently living person may attach to that person--there are many possibilities.) If so, the living person often suffers a variety of symptoms of otherwise unknown origins, including, but not limited to, relationship problems, addictions, depression, anxiety, persistent physical symptoms that have no known medical origin or have not been resolved by many treatment modalities. Often the person has a sense that something is not quite right with him or her, especially after an illness, surgery, panic attack, or accident. Such a person might experience an abrupt, unexplained change in his or her emotional, mental or physical dimensions or feel that he or she is "not himself or herself."

The Spirit Releasement Process is a compassionate, holistic way to free the host and the entity(one or more) from each other and to guide the entity with the help of angels into the Light that satisfies all longings. As a result, the former host is also released from many of the symptoms that were plaguing him or her. Spirit Releasement Therapy may be the technique to use when other processes, hypnotherapeutic and otherwise, have achieved only partial relief for the sufferer. NOTE: SRH is a spiritual modality and thus is not intended in any way to replace professional medical or psychological diagnosis, advice or treatment. I do not diagnose, prescribe for or treat any medical or psychological condition. Consult your doctor or mental health professional before consulting with me. 


These sessions range from 3 to 5 hours (rarely, but sometimes, 6 hours). I charge by the hour at $100.00 per hour. If you want the session recorded, you must bring your own recording equipment. I recommend a digital voice recorder that can record up to 6-7 hours. I cannot change cassette tapes or do anything else with any recorder because I must devote full attention to what is unfolding during the process.

Highlights from My Own Story:

When I did my own Spirit Releasement session trying to find out whether there were any entities attached to me and affecting my diabetes, I found that a fragment of each of the souls of my twin sister, father and mother (all of whom had passed long ago) were attached to me. My sister and father were both diabetic when they died. 

During my process, I found that my twin was attached for several reasons: 1) When we were in my mother's womb, she had wanted not to be born, but nevertheless agreed to enter this life because I asked her to. But years later, I left the family toxicity as soon as I could and left her behind and went on to a life much better than the one she felt trapped in. So she was angry over a sense of "betrayal" and also wanted to experience through me what she had not been able to experience directly when she was alive. 2) She also reminded me that right after she died when we were 38, I asked, out of guilt over abandoning her, that I feel her pain. Accordingly, since I was thereby virtually asking her to attach, she contributed within the next year to my contracting the diabetes she was suffering from before she died. 

There were also other reasons she attached, as was the case with my mother and father. When the hypnotherapist called in the angels to escort them willingly into the Light, I felt a burden lift and experienced a new impetus to control and ultimately get rid of my diabetes.


"After the Spiritual Releasement session with Joe, I felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I was flying! My depression, suicidal thoughts, and confusion regarding what I want in life dissipated; and I felt liberated. Even more interesting, the "knots" in my shoulders, which I've had for decades, are no longer there. It was just amazing. I haven't been this genuinely happy in a very long time, if not in my entire lifetime! I think that the most positive thing that resulted is how happy I am now with my husband. Also, I know my body will no longer act or react (i.e., have pain) in ways that have nothing to do with my own soul. What a great feeling! I am relieved that my many attachments have gone into the Light, especially a husband of mine in a past life from centuries ago. He attached to me every time I reincarnated and tried to sabotage my relationships. 

I am very appreciative of Joe's talent and ability to care about others. Without his help, I may have divorced my husband and yet still be stuck in a tsunami of despair. I highly recommend this form of spiritual cleansing. I can't stop smiling!"

G.F.M., Legislative Assistant, Government Affairs

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