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Suggested Reading


The following provides suggested reading lists on Sports Hypnosis,Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), and other relevant texts. 

Sports Hypnosis 

Edgette, John H., & Tim Rowan. (2003). Winning the Mind Game: Using Hypnosis in Sport Psychology. Williston, VT.: Crown House.

Goldberg, Alan. (2005) Sports Slump Busting. Champaign, IL.: Llumina Press.

Jackson, Susan A., & Mihaly Csikszenthmihalyi. (1999). Flow in Sports: The Keys to Optimal Experiences and Performances. Champaign, IL.: Human Kinetics.

Kappas, John. (1984) Self-Hypnosis: The Key to Athletic Success. Englewwod Cliffs, 
N.J.: Prentice Hall Trade

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Nideffer, Robert M. (1992). Psyched to Win. Champaign, IL.: Leisure Press.

Tutko, Tom. (1980). Sports Psyching. New York: Tarcher.

Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)

Andreas, Steve, & Charles Faulkner. (Editors). (1994). NLP: The New Technology of Achievement. New York: Quill. 

Bandler, Richard, & John Grinder. (1982). Reframing: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning. Edited by Steve Andrea and Connirae Andreas. Moab, Utah: Real People Press. 

__________________________. (1979). Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming. Moab, Utah: Real People Press. 

Brooks, Michael. (1991). The Power of Business Rapport: Use NLP Technology to Make More Money, Sell Yourself, and Your Product, and Move Ahead in Business. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers. 

Dilts, Robert et al. (1990). Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Well-Being. Portland, Oregon: Metamorphous Press. 

Dodd, Ray. (2003). The Power of Belief. Charlottesville, VA.: Hampton Roads.

________. (2006). Belief Works: The Art of Living Your Dream.Charlottesville, VA.: Hampton Roads.

Grinder, John, and Richard Bandler. (1981). Tranceformations: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis. Edited by Connirae Andreas. Moab, Utah: Real People Press. 

Knight, Sue. (1995, 2002). NLP at Work: The Difference that Makes a Difference in Business. Second Edition. London: Nicholas Brealey.

Lakin, Duane. The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! Wheaton, IL.: Lakin Associates.

Lankton, Steve. (1980). Practical Magic: A Translation of Basic Neruo-Linguistic Programming into Clinical Psychotherapy. Capitola, CA.: Meta Publications. 

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McMillan, Alex. (2003). Advanced Selling for Beginnes: A Guide for the Ambitious Entrepreneur. Gloucestershire, UK: Management Books 2000.

Molden, David. (2001). NLP Business Masterclass: Skills for Realizing Human Potential. London: Pearson Education Limited. 

O'Connor, Joseph, & Robin Prior. (1995). Successful Selling with NLP: The Way Forward in the New Bazaar. San Francisco: Thorsons. 

Robbins, Anthony. (1991). Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! New York: Free Press. 

______________. (1986). Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement. New York: Free Press. 

Other Relevant Texts

Burton, John, & Bob G. Bodenhamer. (2000). Hypnotic Language: Its Structure and Use. Bancyfelin, Carmarthen, Wales: Crown House Publishing.

Coue, Emile. (1922). Self Mastery Through Conscious Auto-Suggestion.Kessinger Publishing.

Edgette, John H., & Janet S. Edgette. (1995). The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in Psychotherapy. New York: Brunner-Mazel Publishers.

Snyder, C.R., & Shane J. Lopez (Eds.). (2005). Handbook of Positive Psychology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Overdurf, John, & Julie Silverthorn. (1994). Training Trances: Multi-Level Communication in Therapy and Training. Third Edition. Portland, Oregon: Metamorphous Press.

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