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I'm so glad I had a session with Joe. I had grown very judgmental and fearful of my past lives and thought learning more would keep me stuck in them, or overwhelm me. But working with Joe totally dispelled my fears. I would recommend him without hesitation, especially to those who've never had a regression/hypnosis before. He is kind, patient, compassionate, forthright and so skilled at what he does. His mind and intuition are really sharp -- he processes information quickly and used that skiill to help get me to a place of great understanding and healing. My session gave me insights that have eluded me my whole life. For that I am so grateful! Thank you so much, Joe. 

                                                                                                                                                                  - C.W.S., Legal Assistant


I found my way to Joe's office by way of a glowing recommendation. Although I had initially scheduled a past life regression session, Joe quickly realized and confirmed that doing so would not be in my best interest at that particular time. We agreed instead that he would teach me methods to ground myself. His methods worked immediately and have worked ever since--not only in a spiritual sense, but in a way that gives me control in managing symptoms of ADHD because they are techniques I can use outside of his office. His approach is not one-size-fits-all: he pays attention and notices nuances in body language and eye movement and provides detailed explanations of his processes. Without reservations, I enthusiastically recommend Joe Mancini. 

                                                                                                                                                                                      - L.R.,Teacher

Joe's work was absolutely amazing. He has a gift I have rarely experienced among healers. I did a group session with him that flooded me with insights about my life, which I experienced in that moment in a new way. He opened the group up in an environment that felt safe, wise and intimate.

- A.K., Consultant


I first came to see Joe for PLR [past-life regression], but soon found that this was the tip of the iceberg in terms of his spiritual experience and expertise. While the effect of several PLRs was unexpected and incredibly useful (the positive change in my outlook and sense of wellbeing was dramatic, immediate and noticeable to friends and family), I found his wisdom and depth of knowledge about the great spiritual issues of life to be eye-opening and liberating. My view of why I am here, my relationship to God, my soul’s purpose in this life, has been deepened and clarified in ways I could never have imagined. Joe intuitively steers people to what they need to know, identifying and lightening their burden of fears and anxieties. He is a great teacher, an enlightened soul and a leader.

- L.B., Former Government Official


Its an overwhelming story to even present to a spiritual counselor/hypnotherapist...I am a miracle to have survived; my beloved husband dead; our business and dance teaching/performing gone, and my adored stepchildren off to another home...too much...but through his depth of understanding of my intelligence and my impatience with the trite, Joseph is a true gift from all the tragedy. Taking me through a comfortable journey, pacing my grief through effective hypnosis and deeply spiritual analysis, he touched on the true relationship that existed and continues to exist between my husband, Alexander, and myself. He takes me through healing, soulful journeys and conversations that move me through the process in a way that is not just bearable, but necessary and effective. I am able to see and feel again...and learn about me again. Somehow, through his gifts, I feel clear hope. It didn't seem possible.

- Chase Garcia-Nelson, previous Owner of Fitness Studio, previous Tango/Salsa Inst


I am very grateful indeed, to have met Dr. Joseph Mancini. The Reconnective Healing he facilitated alleviated the pain in my left knee. I feel I can now run a marathon with ease! In addition, Joe has enhanced my sense of Being, bringing clarity to my personal life goal as well.

- N.S., Lightworker


I have had PLR sessions with other therapists in the past. While they have all been good, Joe goes above and beyond because he really looks into the soul to evaluate why we are here and what our lessons are in this life and, more importantly, how we face them and continue on positively. Joe is sensitive, loving, and kind; he uses his intuition to help guide us. He spends a lot of time and cares enough about making sure we understand how we are to face what is presented before us and do the best with life. I highly recommend him.

- Sona Bhatnagar, M.D.


I have traveled a number of personal growth avenues over the years, from individual therapy to improvisation, from ongoing group work to one-time workshops, but a brief session of well-guided hypnotherapy with Joe Mancini has more than once melted away stubborn internal walls which had remained impervious to other efforts to get behind them to my true self.

- S.M., Professional Administrator


My breast cancer diagnosis came as a total shock. Joe’s support and advice were tremendously helpful in giving me peace and deep comfort as I prepared for surgery and moved through the stages of post-surgery recovery and follow-up care. Though I’d never been hypnotized before, I loved my hypnotherapy session with Joe. In our session, I discovered insights and strengths that I know will be of help to me as I navigate the challenges ahead. Joe’s guidance has enhanced my emotional and physical strength and healing.

- K.K., Business School Professor


Within a few moments of meeting Joe five years ago, I felt I was in the presence of a compassionate teacher. Over time, he has gently and patiently helped me enter into places within myself which were previously hidden and unsuspected, allowing me to discover my own truths and falsehoods, making connections between them and my daily life. Through our work, I have broken many of the maladaptive chains that suffocated my heart and soul, which allowed me to resume my spiritual and intellectual growth after a long period of stagnation. After one particularly life-changing glimpse into the structure of my subconscious after a guided hypnotherapy session, I realized how fortunate I am to have crossed paths with this remarkable and talented teacher, a firm and empathic Bodhisattva. Of course, now I understand that this was probably not a coincidence. The outcome of all this work, sometimes very painful, sometimes ecstatic, has also been deeply felt, and sometimes commented on, by all who know me. The work will never end, and I hope neither will my association with this engaging human being.

- P.D., Genetic Researcher


Joe, I am beyond words for how appreciative I feel for your generosity and brilliance! The PLR was an integral part of the experience. It's clear that you are masterful in your work and that you get huge joy from the connections you make for others. It was such a gift to have you with us, and that session was remarkable. I am still feeling the impact of the debrief that we went through for powerful this work is!!! I especially loved how you honored the ego's place in life and how you accentuated the importance of including every bit of didn't let us spill a drop and that proved to be the breakthroughs we were experiencing. Unbelievable how you knew what and where to dig in further. It was magical and obviously supported by Spirit. Thank you again for the love and the sharing!!!!!

- Jackie Lesser, Chief Potential Officer at Creating Impact, LLC


Joe's insights and deep understanding help lead participants to clarity of their current life challenges and opportunities. Through participation in a Past Life Regression workshop that Joe facilitated, I am more focused on the very real issues present in this life and have experienced healing on a deep level. It's as though the pieces of why I am here have fallen into place.

- S.B., Spiritual Leader


Joe Mancini is a master of personal process and healing. His deft use of hypnosis accelerated my inner growth and consequentially my effectiveness at work. Joe's heartfelt guidance and professional expertise provide me with the tools I need to succeed in the relationships I treasure most, those with my family and close friends. I rely on Joe and my expectations have always been exceeded.

- S.K., Executive Strategy Consultant and National Speaker


The hypnotherapy session three weeks ago continues to reveal new insights into patterns that have plagued me throughout my life. With this awareness, I am making better choices. I especially appreciated the insight that I can change the future by changing my perception of the past. My physical health is improving and I feel so much freer and happier than I have for years.

- S.B., Association Executive


I am so glad that I came to you [for the past-life regression] on Sunday! I don't think that I have really even begun to assimilate all that came up, but I know that changes have already been made. My acupuncturist saw me yesterday and noticed a deep serenity on all of my pulses--not just a couple, but all of them. My knee, while not "perfect" is certainly better than it was, and I feel very little of the restlessness that was often with me. I'm still dragging my feet a little in acknowledging my work in this life, but it's probably a minor protest by now. One if the things that hit me shortly after our session, when thinking about Millicent [my past-life personality] and her mother was the notion that nobody truly dies alone and that we aren't really ever lost. I have a strong feeling that I will be contacting you for some more work in the future and look forward to what it all brings!

- B.C., Psychotherapist


We were all blown away by the experience of doing the PLR with you. You are a gifted soul and I am very touched by your willingness to schlep to Rehoboth in crappy weather and be with us. I am still thinking a lot about ‘Rose’ [my past-life persona] and the impact her decision has had on my present life. I may do a follow up session with you at some point. Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

- L.K., Life, Leadership and Mentor Coach


Joe's sessions are a very safe space in which to explore the foundations of why you are the way you are. To be able to experience a Life-Between-Lives Regression is a soul-affirming process that answered so many questions for me, and the Spirit Releasement Therapy removed the source of some energy blockages, freeing me to find a new way of being in the world. I'm looking forward to my next session!

- M.S., Pianist


I thoroughly enjoyed the group PLR session led by Joe. At first I thought I did not achieve my goal; but, through Joe's insightfulness, he helped me see that there is always "something" in what may first appear to be "nothing." Joe, thank you for helping me to see beyond the "nothing"! I look forward to further self-exploration as I continue this journey of personal growth and development.

- J.A.W., Attorney


I have to tell you that work has been fantastic! I have started off every morning by reading my notes to myself that I wrote the night of our meeting, and that seems to set me on the right track. As I told you, for 25 years as a mostly telephone salesperson in the securities industry, I have dreaded every call, even to the point of getting a knot in my stomach time and time again. Well, I have been making tons of calls and not dreading them! No knot in my gut. I'll even go so far as to say that I've been enjoying the calls...I mean it! I'm smiling most of the time,I think! I'm confident, and always try hard to get meetings with clients; and, if someone acts kind of crappy, I just move on to the next call, trying to get in as many as I can. When I have felt myself starting to drag a little, I've immediately conjured up the image of the happy me child, tall and straight and so confident and equal to everyone; and I go back to work feeling just great. Thanks for helping me change my life. I mean that very literally.

- L.W., Salesperson


For the first time in my life, I was able to put my consciousness on hold and allow my unconscious to do the vital work of insight through hypnosis. This would never have happened without Joe's skill and patience. He was able to make me feel safe and gently guided me through some sensitive journeys. As a result, I am beginning to listen to and trust the profound messages of my unconscious and am looking forward to learning more.

- D.M., Recreation Therapist


I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Joe. Through my work with him, I have spiritually grown in leaps and bounds, and I have shattered all kinds of limiting beliefs in what I consider to be a short amount of time. Though it was hard work, working with Joe is very pleasant; and the fast results provide a constant source of encouragement.

- P.P., Budget Analyst


As a result of the Past-Life Regression work I have done with Joe, I have additional ways to say who I can be, additional experiences that strengthen the latent or tenuous identities that are now more likely to come forth to enrich my life and experience of who I am and what I can do. In short I now have a sense of my larger identity. Joe is a steady and yet inspiring companion on this journey to greater possibility.

- J.W., Creativity Specialist


I became interested in PLR after reading about it and have been through five group sessions with Joe since then. Joe creates a nurturing and insightful atmosphere that puts everyone at ease. Through his guidance I have been able to work through several rough spots in my life and been transformed into a more spiritual person. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone with an interest.

- K.S., Healthcare Director


We are so deeply grateful for the time, energy, and care that you contributed to each and every one of us. Your sensitive intuition combined with your extraordinary variety of extensive training and experiences truly make your gift quite unique. You must feel so good about that! I'm still feeling "in awe" that I made any kind of past-life connection at all! And I never thought about the possibility that I may have transferred to this life a core belief declaring that being an intuitive healer means having to be alone. It's interesting that during much of my life, even early on, I have felt very "alone" and have not understood why. Thank you again, Joe, for being a part of our magnificent weekend. I feel SO blessed to have you in my life!

- D.W., Massage Therapist & Energy Worker


I participated in a six-hour Hypnosis workshop led by Joe Mancini. I signed up for it because I knew that Joe brings excellence to everything that he does. Despite the large crowd (23 participants), he was able to maintain a relaxed pace, give individual attention to each of us, discuss the concepts and objectives, answer all our questions, and respond to our expectations. He had a practical methodology where each of us was able to tailor and apply the hypnosis exercise to our specific situation and needs. He also led two general hypnosis sessions for a group-healing exercise and a visualization exercise. One indication of how well the workshop went was surprise at how quickly the six hours passed. In the end I found the workshop to be therapeutic, and I left relaxed with all body tension and emotional stress gone.

- K.L., Systems Engineer


I wasn't sure if I'd experience anything at my first PLR session with Joe, but I kept an open mind; and would you believe.... I did! Joe has a gift of making you feel welcome and at ease; and, with his patience and guidance, he was able to help my subconscious mind relinquish some of its secrets. Imagine my surprise when, after the session, I was able to validate portions of my PLR journey with documented history! The mind is so complex, and having someone with Joe's talents to assist in making sense of it all made my first PLR session a truly wonderful experience! Thank you Joe!

- Z.B., Executive Assistant, Canadian Govt


Just a note to thank you for the hypnotherapy workshop. You are truly a master at teaching the skills necessary to transform me to a place where I can connect with my inner self and subconscious. Since our meeting my health has experienced a turn for the better. I truly believe that your hypnotherapy session was a contributing factor. Your warmth and caring make you a very special person. With my blessings to you,

- S.M., Lawyer


Joe's ability to weave together psychological and spiritual frameworks within a group of diverse participants is skillful and deeply inspiring. I felt the reality of my own hypnotic experience; I understood my relationship to others inside our group; and I came away with ideas about how to integrate these new understandings into my current life. My work with Joe has brought focus and depth to my journey.

- J.L.N., Interfaith Minister


Almost two years ago I had the pleasure of doing a couple of hours of hypnotic work with Joe and a number of other men at a small workshop. Just for fun I put together a short script following his instructions and went through the process he led using this script. I have to say that two years later I am still hearing the messages at appropriate times that I wanted to hear as I wrote them that day! I have taken off twenty pounds and have changed my eating habits and a big part of that I attribute to the messages I wrote to myself and that Joe so skillfully helped me anchor within myself. Thanks, Joe! I feel much healthier and am easily making the food choices I have wanted to make to stay that way!

- B.B., Engineer


Joe is a very wise and gentle soul who led me through a beautiful and extremely profound journey. I was vulnerable, but felt safe at the same time. His attention to every detail helped me have a true understanding behind the symbolisms within my PLR [Past-Life Regression]. I will continue to use this experience to help fit some of the pieces of the puzzle in my life today. It was a truly awakening event for me. I feel blessed and grateful to have been guided to Joe's PLR group - it was magical!

- C.G., President & Founder of Greeting Card Company


Joe, thank you so much for the enthusiastic energy you poured into last night's session. How interesting it was to hear everybody's tales of the past. The wisdom I gained from each person was incredible. You made me feel very comfortable and confident as I rattled on about my own unsure experience. Your ablility to interpret the past and bring its purpose to present day life was eye-opening, thought -provoking and completely necessary. I was so amazed how you were able to make each mundane detail carry a life of its own. This is truly a talent you have mastered. I can't wait until the next PLR session! As I left last night, I carried with me the gentle warmth of light and love that was created in the room. Your vast knowledge and love of this work is so apparent in the way you present yourself and your sessions. I can't think of a better way to spend my Thursday night then to recreate the past that will allow an opening for freedom in my future.

- S.R., Teacher and Yoga Instructor


Joe has the unique ability to provide his clients with the exact techniques they need in order to transform their lives in the most miraculous ways. I’ve been taking medication and working with therapists for years in order to manage my clinical depression with very little success. With Joe’s help I’ve been able to make great strides towards managing my disease and living a life that is filled with joy and laughter. With the aid of Joe’s hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I have started me down the path of creating a life without depression. I’m deeply grateful to Joe for his wise counsel and guidance.

- G.B., Software Engineer


I think you are an excellent facilitator and worked well with our past life regression group and any anxiety we might have had over the concept of hypnotherapy. Best of the summer and see you in September [for another group hypnotic session]!

- S.R., Architect


I had wanted to experience hypnosis for many years but didn't know anyone who had done it and who could give me a referral. But, as soon as Joe finished his training, I jumped at the chance to work with him again; and, several hypnosis sessions later, past-life and early childhood regressions came together as a continuum, making obvious the task at hand to bring me into alignment with my mission and purpose in the present!

- AFR, Intuitive Counselor


My hypnotherapy session with Joe was amazing. Through his insight and guidance I was able to develop an awareness of issues that had been troubling me for some time. Joe allowed me to realize how these issues were impacting my life and personal relationships. I am now more alert to things that are happening and am striving to allow myself to be more open and welcoming in my relationships with family, friends and others.

- L.D., Retired Human Resources Manager


I have found hypnotherapy to be a powerful tool for exploring unconscious motivations and feelings. The sessions with Joe have allowed me to uncover hidden motivations that I would not otherwise acknowledge, and, more importantly, that have helped me to know myself better. Joe has served as a terrific guide on this adventure, coaxing me to break through preconceived notions and skepticism about hypnosis and making the time spent a very meaningful addition to my life.

- P.W., Financial Services


In March, 2009, I had the privilege to work with Joe at a past-life regression workshop. While this is something I have done in the past, I appreciated Joe’s different approach. He brings a special blend of spirituality and intuitive skills to the forefront. The golden nugget I received from this experience was how to incorporate a new balance in my soul’s purpose. This encompassed a full integration of the message into my daily practice of meditation and awareness. I look forward to doing additional groups with Joe to continue on my path of healing.

- L.M., RN. & M.S.W.


I arrived at the Group Past-Life Regression session with an open mind and an eager heart and by the end of the evening found the beginning of healing for an ancient grief that was impacting my current life. With the gentle presence of Joe, the strangers in the room took amazing journeys and shared deeply personal revelations that once again showed me the web of connection between us all.

- L.L.B., Oncology Office Manager


For me, Joe's PLR workshop opened up a new avenue for my personal journey. I've been traveling a road that has enabled me to change my future by the way I react to things; but the piece that was missing was the deep-seated understanding of my soul. By looking at the possibilities of who I have been, I found that this piece of my far past helps my vision of who I am now. Joe's capacity to keep me safe in a hypnotic state was comforting, so that I was able to open my mind's eye and absorb information, then come back to the room and share my experiences without judgment or having second thoughts of what I experienced.

- R.P., Floral Designer


I have worked with Joe Mancini in a number of contexts for nearly fifteen years and have great respect for his wisdom and knowledge. Joe never ceases to amaze me with his uncanny wizardry to ferret out the issues, fears, and motivations underlying exhibited behavior. By asking intuitive, incisive and inspired questions, Joe probes to the source of the behavior. He has certainly helped me see my own shadow, that is, those aspects of myself that I repress, hide or deny. Recently, in Joe’s Past-Life Regression workshop, which purports to delve literally into past lives, I checked-in with skepticism. “Past lives are merely a metaphor for getting in touch with the shadow, a mere practitioner’s device,” I told one of the other participants before the session began. Using subtle imagery to take me and other workshop participants into a light--I then hesitated to say--“hypnotic,” trance, Joe nevertheless lead me to a place of relaxation, remembrance and realization—to a scene in mediaeval times in which I viewed the cosmos as if for the first time, won accolades from the King for my cosmological studies, and enjoyed a lavish banquet in my honor. My experience was as real as any memory could be, and opened my mind to cosmic possibilities I had repressed, hidden or denied. For me, past lives are no longer just metaphors.

- J.Z., Organization Development Practitioner


Last week's hypnotherapy session was an amazing opportunity to experience life with multiple choices. The insight that deep within us lies the opportunity to chose a different outcome has provided me with the confidence that my dreams can become the basic stitch in the fabric of the reality of my choosing.

- C.J.W., Business Owner


Working with Joe, both individually and in a group, has helped me to recognize that, when the heart is open, there are always people to love—and to see life's challenges as opportunities for growth and adventure (rather than as frightening prospects to be avoided). Our regression work in particular has enabled me to appreciate that the gifts of friendship extend across whole generations. I look forward to learning more as I begin to trust my intuition and deeper levels of consciousness more fully.

- C.G., Website Editor


I saw Joe for a hypnotherapy session because I was feeling extremely stressed out and anxious about issues I have surrounding money. No matter how hard I tried to analyze this situation and rationalize why I shouldn't feel so scared, I was running into walls and feeling frustrated. So I set up a session with Joe and he quickly zeroed in on blind spots I wasn't even aware of (and which would have kept me in the same rut). And with Joe's assistance and guidance, we created a personalized hypnotic tool that I have already found very helpful in getting me back on track. After this session, I feel like a light at the end of the tunnel is finally illuminated, which makes me feel a ton lighter and more optimistic. Joe loves his work, practices what he preaches, is incredibly sharp yet compassionate, and has a healing energy that is contagious. As you can tell, I can't say enough good things about Joe. If you are on the fence, I strongly encourage you to take a risk and give it a try -- I'm very, very thankful I did.

- D.B., Consultant


As someone who has worked with several good therapists, I can honestly say that Joe is quite gifted, both as a workshop leader and healer. The environment he creates in his hypnosis workshops is serene; participants feel safe opening themselves to insights and personal beliefs that are ordinarily masked by the daily routines of getting and spending. Another important component is Joe's skillful work with each participant to explore the meaning of that person's particular hypnotherapy experience. An added bonus: although I knew no one in the room but Joe, others described issues that I am dealing with, too; so I learned not only from my own interactions with Joe, but from theirs as well. Altogether, a powerful experience I would recommend to anyone who wants to better understand the richness of their interior life.

- JD, Writer and Journalist


Though my past experiences with hypnosis have been very effective, Joe took this to a new level with his insightful, personalized coaching during the Past Life Regression. He helped me turn my experiential observations into powerfully vivid lessons for my current life. As a result, he helped me realize that I have been overdue with a much needed change in my life's priorities. In just 10 days, I am already dealing more sanely with some unexpected, challenging, personal events.

- G.R., Process and Strategy Consultant and Executive Coach


As a lifelong learner, I am continually interested in exploring other venues for personal development work. The PLR workshop that Joe led was a rich learning experience that tapped into my intuition and sub-conscious in a very meaningful and vivid way. As time passes, the images are still strong and providing me with new insights. The possibility that I have a choice about whether I want to repeat the experiences of my past (in this iteration or some other) is very powerful in the here and now. If you have come this far, you are open to what this work might mean to you -- the door is before you, come on in and explore the depths of your being. Through your learning, I learn and we learn more about ourselves and each other.

- JE, Business Owner


My session with Joe opened my consciousness to a dimension of life that I did not know existed. The experience was entirely comfortable, and I would recommend PLR for anyone interested in knowing more about themselves or trying to solve a particular life issue. Joe was a trustworthy, patient, and ethical guide through this process.

- K.J., Business School Admissions Consultant


My experience with hypnotherapy opened up places inside of me that obviously were unconsciously keeping me limited and stuck in my ability to feel joy. In my opinion, Joe has the gift and love of Spirit to awaken new places and insights that helped me move and shift those fears. I honor his wisdom and knowledge of this work; and, more importantly, I trust him to professionally guide me on this healing journey with full confidence that I am succeeding with my goals. I felt his dedication and commitment in every session we had.

- L.S., Budget Analyst


If YOU are truly ready (at all levels of your Consciousness) and strongly Self-motivated to confront your Hidden Self in order to transform your negative, self-paralyzing, self-sabotaging, and Unconscious childhood-based Self-messages into Conscious, Life-affirming Self-actualizations, then I highly recommend that you do your Self-healing work with Joe. Joe is a Soul Server who is very well versed and highly experienced in channeling a broad spectrum of Self-healing psychosomatic modalities (especially hypnotherapy and/or Shamanic Journeying as adjuncts to the NLP Core Transformation Process and other NLP techniques) that will enable you to (a) expeditiously reintegrate your mind, body, and Soul and (b) facilitate and catalyze your Soul's Self-Healing Journey back to your own G-d-Given True Self.

- R.I.M, Emancipated Consultant


I was drawn to your past life regression workshop with the hope that I would develop a new paradigm for life. I think it was one of the most intense emotional experience I've ever had. I was very surprised by the depth of emotion that I was able to tap through this process. What I discovered about how I deal with relationships was incredibly insightful. I think that even if one is not a believer in past lives, this workshop provides incredible awareness of the challenges one may be facing.

- C.Z. IT Consultant

"The skills needed to be an effective [hypnotherapeutic] clinician, in contrast to those needed to merely perform an induction, are substantial. These include a broad knowledge of the current clinical literature, an ability to relate to the client and form a therapeutic alliance, and an ability to organize and direct a well-structured intervention"


- Michael Yapko,

Treating Depression With Hypnosis

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