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"You create your own reality"


"Any good demonstration of hypnosis will clearly show that the point of power is in the present, and that beliefs dictate your experience."


"Hypnosis…is an excellent method of inserting new beliefs and getting rid of old ones."


"Quite without any inductions, you have "hypnotized" yourself into all the beliefs that you have. This simply means that you have consciously accepted them, focused upon them, excluded data to the contrary, narrowed your interests to those specific points, and accordingly activated the unconscious mechanism that then materialize those convictions through physical experience."


- Quotes from Seth,

through Jane Roberts,

The Nature of Personal Reality

"All consciousness has within it the deep abiding impetus to use its abilities fully, to expand its capacities, to venture joyfully beyond the seeming barriers of its own experience." 


- Seth, through Jane Roberts

The Nature of Personal Reality

Transpersonal Hypnotherapeutic Possibilities For Individuals, Couples & Groups

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